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Friday, July 16, 2010

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll

probably pass out!!
Thank you all for the remedies that you forwarded on to me.  I tried just about all of them, especially the chocolate and wine *wink*.  I'll get on to the outcome later.
First of all I need to share just a couple of pics from our families mid Winter Christmas.  As you may remember DH was away for Christmas in December so it was just a bit of a non event. Hence the reason for having our Christmas last weekend when the whole family was here, something that doesn't happen very often.033  Here are our girls, two beautiful daughters and two gorgeous grand-daughters.  Then  the following one is Miss Faith with Mum and Dad.

034 Now I do need to describe the meal because this busy Mum forgot to take photo's of the table, food etc - duh!  So, hot roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, gravy, carrots, beans, corn, creamed potato and horseradish cream - yum!  the family opted for this roast as they all preferred it to turkey.  Dessert was a sherry trifle(for the grown ups) and an orange juice  version for the littlies.
By the time we had gorged ourselves through that lot plus the necessary drinkies too, we were well and truly stuffed and you know I think it was probably one of the nicest family meals we have ever had together. No pressure and good company.
Now, getting back to the remedies -mmm.  After trying every blooming cold cure known to man (it appears) and spending a small fortune at the chemist.  I hung on for just over a couple of weeks.  Even the opportunity to go pattern shopping didn't rally any extra energy.  Even having a shower caused to exhaustion and non stop coughing.  So, DH drove me off to the doctor.  All necessary prodding, pushing and listening were done then I was very quickly shuffled into the 'resuss 'room and put on a nebuliser! As I described to Miss Deb, I images felt like Puff the magic dragon as the medication gurgled and puffed it's way into my lungs.  Apparently I have a really good dose of pleurisy - no wonder I wasn't feeling so good, but your remedies sure made feeling not so good a little nicer. 
So I hope you will all excuse my lingering absence, sitting at the computer can be sooo exhausting - really.
hugsmy signature

p.s.  Pop over to Miss Deb and wish her a happy birthday.  It's quite a significant one, somewhere between 40 and 60.


  1. I'm glad you are feeling somewhat better now. Your family photos are lovely!

  2. Merry(mid-winter) Christmas to you and your family Miche'le! Sounds like you had a fabulous get-together - your family are beautiful. Hope you and hubby are both feeling better - pleurisy sounds pretty scary and painful to me!
    Hugs to you, Nicky

  3. Your meal sounds really yummy and I agree a much better choice than turkey. What charming photos of all the girls in the family!

    You still take good care of yourself that can be quite serious, so keep on with the remedies ( laughing ) and I hope you are completely well very soon.

  4. Its so nice to have you back in blog land knowing you are obviously feeling a we bit better. It is so nice of you also (NOT) to feel the need to share my birthday-lol.
    Thanks hun, hope you keep feeling better each day.xx

  5. Ohhhhh!!! I've had a few of them nebulisers they are the tops when you feel like you do especially when you can't breath ... get well soon take it easy there is no other way keep taking the should be pampered and waited on hand and foot.. Hugs Laurie x

  6. Your mid winter Christmas was a great idea. Lovely pics.
    So glad you got some much needed treatment for your pleurisy. Hope you are well on the mend. HugsXX

  7. Love the photos How nice Xmas in July It's special to have the family all together I am glad you are feeling A bit better it will take time to get over it take care .
    Hugs Mary.


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