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Thursday, July 29, 2010

That is the month that was

Hummmm, it's been a while since I've been here and I really wish I had exciting news from far flung travels to tell or better still reports from shows, classes and seminars.  But the truth is the only place I've been to is here - home.  In fact, to be more precise, bed! The 'dahlin doc' gave me the hard word, go to be or go to hospital.   2q9gj9t
Thank you to all of you that have e-mailed, phoned and even visited me I truly appreciate your well wishes and thoughts. Mwah to each of you.
I'm learning to cope with the ever persistent cough that goes with this thing called pleurisy and I even gave into taking steroids but I didn't expect to have the reaction that I got.
Now here's a word of warning, for those of you with weak stomachs look away.
  The steroids made my legs and feet swell007.  I never have had skinny legs, oh boy did I long for them.  But I hoped my feet and legs would never get any bigger than they already were.  Well, as a result of massive swelling due to a reaction from the steroids ,I can't sit at my machine and sew, so... not only have I nothing to show for OPAM  I couldn't even show finished blocks for A Gardeners Journal SAL.  I have been put on pills to try and get these legs back into shape but that could take some time.   Ugly aren't they?
With that in mind I can show what I have been doing - all hand stitching of course.
014 015

These stitcheries are those ready to complete A Gardeners Journal. By crikey once I can get back on that machine they should fly together.
Cross stitch has also been played with. Again, once I can get to the machine I should have quite a few new mini pillows and a couple of samplers for the wall016  in my sewing room.  Being confined to the house and having a lap top computer has been rather dangerous to the bank account though.  With the help of some great 'on-line' stores I now have to live to be at least another 100 years older just to get through all the new 'to do's, but it's been fun though!
I hope each and every one of you are keeping well.
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  1. Sending you big hugs Miche'le, please take good care of yourself! I thought you were rather quiet!

  2. So sorry to hear you still aren't well. Lots of good wishes and hugs to you for a speedy recovery. Your needle has been flying while you've been under the weather, your sewing machine is going to be going 24/7 when you are feeling better! Lots of beautiful GJ stitching, love your cross stitching too.

  3. I am seinding huge get well germs!! And hugs XXX
    I hope your swelling settles right down- I know how awful it feel when your feet & legs swell. You have made good use of your time, with those lovely stitcheries.

  4. Big hugs, ouch your poor legs and feets look so sore. It is good to hear you are listening to Dr and "resting" - very impressive amount of stitching has been completed! Take care Hugs Jxx

  5. Sending you well wishes and glad to see you've been able to do hand stitching while resting.
    Hope your sewing machine is getting a good rest now, it's going to need it!

  6. I am so sorry things have gone as they have, The steroids are nasty things but sometimes they are the only thing that will will come right but I know it is scarry... I hope you have been waited on hand and foot...But please get well soon have missed you on line

    Hugs Laurie x

  7. I hope you feel better soon. I had to laugh that you are passing time by doing a lot of online shopping!

  8. Oh, poor you!. Do hope you are feeling a little better by now. Who would have thought that having pluerisy would make your legs and feet get bigger. They are certainly dangerous things, those steroids. Hoping you will "Get Well Soon"

  9. Such sexy legs, hold me back.
    You poor thing, just being able to read a post is to know you are feeling slightly better wich is great. big hugs


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