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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Time to get stuck in and do some real work

The amount of prayers and get well wishes that I received after my last post reminds me just how fantastic our blogging friends are.  Also those close by are just so special too.  Key, one of our lovely quilting ladies turned up with soup and cookies, Dianne even drove down from Nelson with her pensioner friends (a trip they do every couple of months)  and brought  me some of her home made lemon and honey drink, then after reading the recent shop newsletter, Alyssa from Darfield offered to come on over and help me run the shop  after she read that I had had to close it for a while dThankyouclipart213x175ue to sickness - isn't that just the greatest? Also not forgetting all my ladies that come here for Stitch and Sew days, just them being here  lifts my spirits, thanks ladies you are the best.

So, my progress so far?  Remember the disgusting photo's that were likely to damage you eyesight?  Well, here's the latest view052, still not the skinny ankles and feet I've always longed for but these babies are about as thin as mine get.  Thanks to the meds that I got last Friday I have managed to lose 6kg in less than a week.  Obviously it was all around my legs and feet - but not any more, tee hee.

Now I hope to be able to get back onto my dahlin sewing machine. I'm so pleased you can't see me doing the happy dance - it's not a pretty sight, lol.

 001_thumb[5] Last year I pieced a monkey wrench pattern top using a layer cake from Moda(it's yet to be quilted).  Then later in the year at the local quilt group exhibition I saw a pattern I liked and asked Julie, who had made it,if she would mind if I copied her 'flip flap' quilt using the same layer cake fabric that I did for the Monkey Wrench.  008 So I now want to get stuck right into it and then quilt the two. Once they are both finished I plan to put them both in the same room on twin beds and besides it's about time I did some real sewing and filled in a space or two for OPAM, so watch this space I'm back and eager to get stuck in.

Have a fantastic week one and all


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  1. Gale force winds strike Hokitika, they were too scared to put their heads outside the doors of their home. It was like a tornado, it twirled and it left behind thread as it whirled its way through the district, UFO tops were sandwiched, quilted within an inch of its edge, borders were cut with a whizz of a rotary cutter and then with a flash and a bang the borders were stitched and the quilts they were finished. The tornado left behind trails of dust and the sun it shone in the shape of a grin, BY Hoki that quilt woman has struck home again!!!

  2. I'm glad your friends have been so helpful...and I'm glad that swelling has gone down, too.

  3. Hi Miche'le,
    So sorry to hear you've been so unwell and having adverse reactions to medication... You poor thing.
    Wow I bet you're ready to get at it all again.
    Do take care and stay well.
    ..and how fantastic to have people who care helping you!!

    xx Robyn

  4. Oh heck Michele so sorry to hear you've been unwell and glad that people have been rallying round.

    Love the monkey wrench top. Good luck with the quilting.

  5. Lovely friends to give support! Also very glad to see your feet and legs have become much improved. I suffer from swollen feet & ankles at times, but not through meds.
    Your quilts are looking good!


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