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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fun and frustrations

For the last week or so our internet connection has been totally useless.  One minute it's all lights green, the next, nothing!  You may remember that over the Christmas period and through to Easter I had the same problem so this time whenever I needed to phone through to faults I was prepared, well I thought I was!


It seems that to speak to someone in your own country that works for Telecom you must first go through someone working in another country, who appears to be the first line of defence.  Even with an existing case number the unnecessary questioning and varying exercises continue.  Wednesday was just typical of this, for three hours I was put through all sorts of questions spaced out with long periods 'on hold'.  I can tell you my patience just didn't last too well!


But onto nicer things, during those days when I couldn't keep up with all of my blogging friends things got really busy here at By Hoki Quilts.  Mondays Sit'n Stitch had four new ladies and Wednesdays saw seven of us enjoying our time together.  Three of our girls are doing 'The Polka Dot Girls' quilt so the light boxes were whirring away for most of the morning. Then Friday got busy too with Keys'  quilt top all finished.  It's so nice to see things coming to a conclusion knowing that new beginnings are on the horizon.


During the week the postie called in too.  Dahlin'  Miss Deb got one over me.  When she and Darlene attended a retreat weekend at Akaroa a few weeks ago the sweet lady thought of me and bought me a surprise.  Now I just love surprises,019 but following close to those is chocolate so have a look here and see what this wonderful woman bought for me.  This will be one tea towel that will never see wet dishes - oh no, this one is going on the wall in my sewing room.  Now wrapped up in this lovely towel was also another surprise - appliqué needles, actually they are straw needles that are used for appliqué. Beautifully presented and in different sizes, so021 special and so welcome020.  Thank you so much my dear friend.

flowercurl Now that I'm slowly on the mend I have been trying to make up for lost time at my sewing machine.  I had a couple of blocks to make for a charity quilt and they were a nice way to ease back into it after over a couple of weeks off.  Then I needed to get the 'July' block all stitched up for my 'GJ" quilt.  It's done but I haven't taken any photo's yet (duh!). Next it's the August block then I should be back on track - whew, I do dislike being behind, late or just not fulfilling commitments.  This week I have to go back for another check up and see what my lung capacity is at.  I know it must have improved as I'm not puffing anywhere near as much as I was which is just great.  Again I must thank so many of you for the continued contact checking up on me, your heartfelt concern is the best medicine I can get.

Have a fantastic week, hugs

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  1. Wahoo, welcome back to the land of the living hun. I hope that you get a good report from the doctor when you get checked over this week. So pleased you liked your Cecily teatowel. How fabulous that you were really busy in the shop whilst Telecom were playing silly buggers.

  2. Don't even start me on the idiots at the other end of the phone when you call Telecom!
    Just so pleased to hear you are getting back to good health, and that things are going great at the shop for you. Love your gifts from Deb, I've only met her once, but she seems like the loveliest lady, with a very kind heart!

  3. Great to hear that you are well on the mend. I too suffered many hours of downtime to "T" customer service and shoddy broadband - I conceded in the end and jumped to the darkside and joined up with "TC" and they haven't let me down - I spoke with a kiwi in Christchurch, then the two guys who installed the fibre optic broadband (and also got my phone line swapped over) couldn't be faulted. The followup customer service was unexpected where they checked all was well, was the icing on the cake - so to speak! Go one I dare you, come to the dark side... Hugs Jx


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