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Monday, August 16, 2010

A posting and the postie

OK so I finally got the camera out and took a quick pic of the GJ block that I made.004  You know I was so darned pleased with myself, finally I was back on track - huh, I thought!  What a dumb****, I did the wrong block!  Never mind, at least it's done.
Today, along with the regular mail a wee 013 package from Canada found it's way into my mail box. Hee Hee, a parcel for me.  So, I contained my excitement long enough to get the camera and do the photy thingy so you could all see what the postie delivered.
Mmmm, return address, Kaaren from The Painted Quilt.  Oh blow this business of taking pics each step of the grand opening.  I just ripped into it.  Look what that wonderful woman sent to me016.  Firstly there was this beautiful ribbon embroidered pouch.  Look at the detail on it - it's gorgeous.  But wait, what is that I can feel inside?

007 Oh my goodness, looky here.  A needle case made by our own Kaaren - WOW, isn't it just gorgeous?  But wait, there's more...

Look at this little gem.  A new scissor fob - yeah, just perfect for the new wee pair of scissors I treated myself to when my fingers did the shopping on line.
Thank you Kaaren, these treasures will be used and will remind me of your kindness.
Technology has opened up a whole new world to us and our circle of friends continues to stretch right around the globe.  Isn't it awesome.
Have a wonderful week
hugs to you all
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  1. You spoilt brat, how lucky are you. Isn't it great having the postie visit. I had a visit from the postie today also so we were both spoilt.

  2. What a lovely parcel from Kaaren!

    Well done getting the GJ block done. There's a lot of hand sewing in that quilt.

  3. Your GJ block looks great! And it doesn't matter which one you do, as long as you're making progress! :0)

  4. Hi Michele i am dreadful not been to your Blog for ages, Betty talking about us comeing down your way one day so will have to ask her to come to the shop.
    Nice to see the sun again this morning hope it lasts.
    I am busy doing a scrap quilt and its taking me ages,but, have to keep at it as a friend wants two for her spare beds,have one top done and halfway through the 2nd.
    I also like when the Postie comes had some magazines from USA this past week from a friend.
    Did i tell you that Reefton will hold the next quilt weekend?
    all the best.


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