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Monday, August 23, 2010

A Bit Behind The Times

Am I the only quilter on this planet that hasn't had a go at making a Raggy Quilt?

 Well, Sharon one of my regulars told 010 me that she wanted me to teach her how to make one  - me???  I've never made a raggy quilt but dear Sharon insisted that I teach her, so a Googling I did go.

Well, I found sooo many sites that in the end I think I got the gist of it - so without further ado (drum roll please)  006

011 I know, it's nothing outstanding, no awesome quilting, no super smooth edged appliqué and the truth is, no hard work selecting the fabrics (they were there on the shelf), but it got made in a day and with a 008 new grand child due in 6 weeks I think it will come in very handy after being a class sample.The biggest buzz about it is that this is the first finish for OPAM for well over a month - I've been doing loads of sewing but none of it is yet finished.

I guess this is the start of many new projects I need to get stuck in to in order to make up for all the time I've had off.

Happy sewing everyone

hugs my signature


  1. Your in good company or you were..I have never made one either... have never had the need..... as you say they make great kids quilts because it does not matter what they do to them they can't hurt it.
    Hugs Laurie

  2. I cannot believe you haven't made a shaggy. What fabric did you make it in? I've made a flannel one for each of the kids and they love them but I'd like to make a shabby cotton one. I made the girl a shaggy shabby cotton cushion.

  3. Well done Miche'le, your quilt looks great. I made one of these for my younger daughter when she was little, and it is still a favourite 'cos it's so snuggly and warm. Love the colours in your one, so bright and cheerful.

  4. well done you!!! I have several of these, and each of the kids have one too, they are great quilts, well done!

  5. Miche'le.
    What a nice quilt you made for your grandbaby- I have not made a rag quilt either. I have bought flannel and have denim that I thought about using to make one- its another one on the list to do..
    Happy creating,

  6. I've never made a shaggy quilt either! Though my Thrs stitching girls gave me a beautiful shaggy quilt for my 40th a few years ago - love it. By the way your first shaggy quilt has turned out gorgeous - have you got the bug to make more? Hugs Jx

  7. Can't say that I've ever made a shaggy either :) Yours looks very cuddly...might have to Google it myself!
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my Stitch-a-long block...the bright colours are very cheery.

  8. So snuggly looking. Love it! I've seen them with fleece which is great for a beginner as they don't need to worry about fraying etc.

    Good luck with your OPAM goal.


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