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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time for some modern technology I think

Last night I got a silly idea, yeah I know it's not unusual but this time I actually acted upon it.  You see I was flicking through some very old quilting magazines. DH was on duty and TV was boring so I flicked through quite a pile. One quilt pattern in various styles kept popping up and each time I liked it more, so out came the paper, pencil, ruler grandmothers flower garden and compass.  Yep, that was the key word - compass.  How else was I going to draw up all those hexagons that a Grandmothers Garden needs?
I drew up a couple of pages of hexi's then realised "photocopier", duh!  Anyway, I cut quite a few out last night before bed.
This morning I was skimming through new posts and started reading Sherri's, at .  She has got one of those new Accuquilt Go! Cutters, wow, that would save a whole lot of time - not to mention stiff fingers!  Anyway, Sherri is having a give away so why not pop over and have a look at this great piece of modern technology that Sherri has.
As for my hexi quilt - well it's going to be a hand stitch job and probably a long term one too so watch this space (for a long long time)
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  1. I love Hexi quilts and I have always wanted to do the Grandmothers Garden. My first attempt at quilting was a single bed hexi quilt when I was 11yrs old. Wow, that wasn't so long ago (was it LOL). You have given me the idea to get my papers back out again. Hmmmm ..... I think I might just have to do that.

  2. Thank you for your comment on our Meet the Neighbours day it was a great day and hope it conyinues each year...
    I have a hexi quilt that I am doing but as individual completed hexagons all by hand, 5 inch ones black as the back and dull colours in the front...when I have hundreds I will fix them all together

    Hugs Laurie

  3. I love hexie quilts, but lack the staying power to make one. Good luck with yours. I cant believe I made a drunkards path quilt all by hand. It is still not backed or quilted though!

  4. I have made several hexi quilts ,at least 2 full bed ones will be on my blog somewhere . They are o.k to work on in the evening--cottonreel

  5. Hi Miche'le,
    Ooh what a gorgeous hexie quilt.
    Unsure if you're interested, but if you're using a 1 inch hexie you can find freebies on my Freebie page...
    Look forward to sharing in your progress.
    I love it when that 'idea' hits and you jsut have to do it!!

  6. Lovely project idea. I did an octagon and square over papers once in 9 fairy frost shades to make them look like frozen leaded window panes. It was very time consuming but very rewarding to tick off the list. Good luck.


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