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Monday, March 7, 2011

Woo Hoo, Another One Bites The Dust


Don’t you just love OPAM?

  I’m going to be preoccupied for a week or so soon and knew I needed to get something done for OPAM for March so I went through my well endowed bundle of ‘to do’s, most of which I store in their own pizza boxes, and found the ‘bits’ for the wee 021beauty “ Mmmm, Berry Nice”. 

I started this one ages ago and carefully cut out all the contrast fabrics but hadn’t laid a blade on the focus fabric – I couldn’t!  I had bought this fabric ages ago and had frequently dragged it out, stared at it,019 admired it and then put it away.  It was/is one of those fabrics that no matter what I did with it I doubt if it was ever good enough.  Well the day came when I just sucked it up got the rotary cutter, complete with new blade, and just went for it, ever so carefully of course – I didn’t want to waste a single strip of it.  Eventually 12 tri colour blocks were stitched, there was no going back now!

So here it is, 018done, quilted and bound, another one for OPAM.  Thanks Peg and Kris.

a name Miche'le


  1. you go girl, I have a few UFO's I can send you if you get bored with your pile ;)

  2. Love it, it's gawjus!!!!
    Joy :o)

  3. Agree,OPAM is great!! At the moment I am over my head in UFOs,and BOMs just keeps knocking at the door,piling up. But it is great,and I have deceided to work hard to give Peg and Kris 3 every month!??
    Happy Sewing:-)

  4. I love it The colours in it are great keep going girl you are doing well.
    Hugs Mary.

  5. Beautiful Autumnal shades. Love berry fabrics they really bring out the richness of Autumn.

  6. You're a one woman quilting machine! It's beautiful, I can see why you waited so long to cut into that fabric.

  7. Wow Miche'le...that is just so gorgeous, well done on the finish....

  8. Oh my gosh Miche'le, that is gorgeous. I love the richness of the colours.

  9. It's wonderful! Another one finished! Yippee!


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