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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Full Weight Bearing…


…and by crikey there is plenty of weight to bear after sitting for six weeks.

Last Tuesday we took the almost four hour trip over the ‘hills’ to see my surgeon and to get my ankle plaster removed (and hopefully not replaced).

With the weather getting colder leaving as early in the morning as we sometimes do isn’t advisable in case of frosts.  On the way we took in Mother Nature in all her glory – Autumn is such an amazing time of the year, it’s as if Mother Nature has been002 playing with her paint box.  I got so wrapped up in it 003all that I forgot to take many pictures.  Sadly the photos don’t really show the glorious golds and reds that shone out.  As we progressed through the pass the raindrops began to fall, then the snow!006 Just a little dusting to begin with, enough to get the worrying thoughts going.  008Slowly but surely the snow fell heavier the further into the pass we got.Before long we had made it through and now looked forward to what the surgeon was going to say. 

autumn leaves divider

First up was the removal of the old plaster – then the first good wash and just a hint of a long awaited scratch, oh bliss.  Then it was off to another location for x-rays before returning to the surgeons rooms for the consultation.  Slowly the excitement started to slip away as our 3 o-clock appointment time came and went. At 4.15 we finally got in and got the good news that no more plaster was required and 013I could walk, with crutches and  be full weight bearing – oh my god, I’ve gained so much weight – eek, my poor ankle.  Now my new fashion accessory is this beautiful (not) boot, but at least I have independence – yeah!

Now for the trip home, whew, these trips over the ‘hill’ certainly don’t leave much time for anything else, oh well, I’ll save my cash stash for another time.  By the time we got home that night both of us were pretty shattered and just wanted a cuppa and a good nights sleep.

So there we are, all on the right track and healing well.


I hope all of you are well and coping with the seasonal changes while soaking in its  beauty.


a name Miche'le



  1. That is fantastic news - So glad you are on the mend.

    Hugs - Fee X

  2. glad that it was good news with your trip over the hill.
    maybe you could make a "cover" for your boot to beautify it?
    Love Autumn...the changing of the seasons is just sooooo pretty!

  3. Brilliant! Oh no not snow already for you. You'd've thought nature would let you have a long glorious Autumn. It is my fav season because of the colours outside.

    Brill that you are well on the road to recovery. Next time hopefully you will get some shopping time.

  4. Great news. Let the sewing begin!

  5. Thats great news Miche'le and take it easy sweetie and dont do damage to it. I bet it feels great to be free of the plaster. Hugs Vicki xx

  6. glad you got a good report on the foot......

  7. Wonderful Miche'le ... lovely news I need some of that.
    Sorry to say that Malcolm had another stroke this last week ...still good but a few extra problems for him.

    Now no running and jumping for a bit and when you find the best weight loss programme please send to me toot sweet

    Hugs Laurie

  8. So glad you have made satisfactory foot progress. Keep at it.
    ( That road has very unpleasant memories for me right back to 1966/67! - When I was a passenger in an accident ) Maybe I need to drive throught it as it now is( wider, new bridges etc ) and see it in a better light.
    Happy sewing, Ali.

    PS.My foot has made a remarkable recovery - but like you I have to wear protective footwear at least part of every day. )

  9. Hey Miche'le! Glad to hear your ankle is on the mend ... not fun to have a dodgy foot! :0)Hope the healing continues to be quick for you so you can get back to your usual speed. Oh ... and since I HATE cold ... you can keep the snow over there, thanks! Tee! Hee! Hee! Cooling down quite enough here ... not looking forward to winter ... perhaps I'll migrate to Cairns for winter to stay warm! :0) Have a fab week - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  10. Great to hear you're on the mend - now you can put your best foot forward. lol

    Take care, Nicky

  11. I remember being snowed upon on that road, when our daughter vomitted and I had to get out of the car!
    So glad your cast is off. The bliss of a discreet scratch!


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