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Friday, May 13, 2011

A year on

Oh my goodness, it’s been simply ages since I last wrote a post and apart from sewing I haven’t done much really.   I’m still clunking around with the ‘walking boot’ making my foot heavy and huge and apart from the odd twinge in my back due to the ‘lop sidedness' I think I’m coping rather well, so well that I’ve even taken the crutches and propt them up alongside the sewing machine.STITCHLINE

Last April, the quilt group that I used to belong to, celebrated each others birthdays by making four pre chosen blocks for the birthday girl.  If you wanted a specific colour way or fabric it was your task to supply the fabric otherwise you got scrappy blocks.  I decided that I wanted to have a two colour quilt so I supplied the pattern and fabric to each member.  Now, there were only five members in this group so each lot of blocks could be made into a quilt will a little bit of extra work.  Well, a member of the group for one reason or other chose not to make my blocks, she never did give a reason and that left me feeling really sad and very let down. 005 (2) For a long while the blocks that the other girls had made shouted out at me from my design wall, wanting to be made complete and for a long while I ignored them.  Working on those blocks just recalled a sad, moment in my life – a time when I discovered that not all quilters stayed true to their words and in fact some could be darned right hurtful, hence the reason for me no longer being with that group.


Well it’s a year on, I belong to a great quilt group that love lots of fun and laughter and most importantly seem to adopt the sisterhood of quilters way without even trying.  Now was the time for ‘the quilt’ to be finished, and that is exactly what I did.230737_1731778455909_1281944114_31486119_6724032_n

‘Red Rind Cheddar’ came out of sadness and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous, I’m fortunate to have a friend who happens to be a talented long arm quilter and Sue really did an outstanding job for me.  The photo is a little pale as the gold is much more deeper in real life.

So, there it is.  a year on and feeling great and… something for OPAM as I was rather slack last month – sorry Peg and Kris.


a name Miche'le


  1. A beautiful finish! Hope you can get rid of that clunky boot soon. Not fun!
    xx, shell

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! As for the 'hiccup' along the way, it is one of life's lessons, the greater experience is not lost on one person's short comings. Glad to hear that you've joined another stitching group!

    I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. I really love this quilt, it is stunning in its simplicity

  4. Hi Miche'el, glad to hear you are well on the mend with the foot. the quilt looks so good! your friend has done a fantastic job with the quilting too! Can't believe it is a year since 'that day' you mentioned, the year has flown, but "as one door closes, another opens." sue~n.z.

  5. It does make you sad when something like that happens. But I guess it is to make us more aware of the ones who were true :) Thank goodness they all didnt fall by the wayside or you wouldnt have that beautiful quilt :) Its lovely Miche'le and the quilting is lovely too. Its good to hear your foot is improving too :) Take care hunny :) Hugs Vicki xxx I couldnt commment before as blogger was down....grrrrr!!

  6. Your finished quilt looks beautiful, and lovely quilting on it too. So pleased you are now part of a much happier group of ladies. Put that sad time behind you and enjoy the company you have now.

  7. Darling girl, slack is not a word in your vocabulary!! That quilt is absolutely beautiful, I am thrilled you finished it. If it had been finished by the "other" group you would not have used it. Sue has made a stunning job of the quilting.

  8. Oh that sucks Miche'le. Great to see that you got it finished, though. It's beautiful. I love the quilting on it.

  9. WOW....and wow again...the quilt is stunning....

  10. Your quilt turned out beautifully. Sue did a lovely job quilting it. ( I love fabric with spots big or small )
    I went and looked at her blog but it wouldn't let me leave a comment. I wished to tell her I loved the lizard design on one of her quilts.

  11. hey there Miss Miche'le,
    Sue has done a super fantastic job of your quilt, it is looking stunning on your bed, great for a finish huh

  12. When life gives us lemons .... well we can do something about that ..... and what a beautiful quilt you now have!

    Glad to hear that you are getting around.

  13. Well done Michelle. I think it is good to get rid of ghosts like that. Whenever you look at the quilt you can remember the friendship of the other ladies and how you were strong enough to find another group.

    Good to hear that your leg is progressing.


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