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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just a quickie over breakfast


I’m writing this while munching on my Cornflakes as this could be the only time today that I’m going to have to get chance to put up a post.

Our little shop has been so busy in recent weeks and for that I am so blessed, even my ‘closed day’ has seen customers here.  My Wednesday ladies have become Wednesday and Friday ladies and each and every one of them are so flattering with their compliments about the shop it really does make each day a pleasure.

Today we are having a bag class.  The bag started it’s life smaller and with fewer004 pockets so we have done the ‘adaption’ thing and todays class will see the ladies making this spacious little number.  This one  I had to make over the weekend to remind myself how it all went together and it isn’t really  looking true to colour.  It’s actually a rich terracotta with a pinky background Jacobean design fabric for the pockets, accents and 004lining.  I have used good old Homespun fabric as I believe it is so economical and underrated as a patchwork/craft fabric.  The Homespun I stock is from Leutenegger and is the finest quality I have come across, so far.

Time to get the class supplies out, thanks for sharing breakfast with me.  Have a great day


 a name Miche'le


  1. What a great class! Great to hear you're keeping real busy!!

  2. Wonderful news to hear the shop is the bag, I am sure your ladies will have a fab day...

  3. have a fabulous day Miss M, good that you so busy!

  4. Amazing I have just copied my pattern to make some more of this style bag they are so usefuland very sturdy when full as they don't fall over even when empty. I make mine with 4 large pockets on outside same width as bag joining them in with the side seams.
    Lovely to hear you are busy....
    Take care
    Hugs Laurie

  5. Its a "fab" bag Miche'le. Its so great to hear that your lovely wee shop is being busy for you.

  6. I love your bag Miche'le...its fab in the Red Homespun :) It looks like a fabulously strong bag too :) Carry lots of goodies :) Hugs Vicki xx

  7. What a great bag it looks like even I would be organised with somethig like that. :-) Have a wonderful class.

  8. Popping in from the other side of the world,........I fell in love with your bright quilt posted Jan13 and are wondering if that's a pattern you're selling in your store ?
    Bright colors is what I love and I just finished and mailed a quilt to my Swedish childhood friend in Queensland. I'll be visiting here again, truly inspirational........

  9. Love that wonder you're getting orders for it!!It's fabulous!!


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