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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In the blink of an eye

Oh my goodness, where do I begin? The last week or is it last two weeks have just flown by and I know I’ve been busy but really someone has been stealing my time so I guess I’ll just work through the time and show you the results.
001Since my last post, the one about the bag that I made, I received an order for a ready made one, so, that order taken and the job done.  This time I did it in a soft sage green with accents from a fabric with a slight pattern similar to a vintage style.
Then… I got the e-mail to say that our own Miss Deb and her man definitely were coming to stay over for a weekend.  This was great news as so often we have had false starts with illness, earthquake and family getting in the way of our get 018together.  Once through the door Deb gave me a great tray, just look at this it’s fun and practical  and yeah those of us that are well endowed are celebrated .  I just love it, thanks Deb.
Over the last few months a few of us that are members of 003the ‘Tis The Season’ SAL combined under the guidance of ‘Chookyblue’ to make Deb her own version of the quilt.  Due to recent events Deb wasn’t up to 012making her own  and it was a privilege to be part of this.
My job was to join the blocks and then do the finishing bits. The weekend just past, gave me the chance to hand over our combined efforts to our lovely houseguest. 
Deb and her DH Bill were delightful and at one stage I017 remember thinking how ‘easy’ we all were with one another and having someone else to stitch with was just great.  Sadly our weekend was over just far too quickly and Miss Deb and Bill made their way back to Christchurch where they were greeted with yet another decent sized earthquake the following day – yuk!!!
My latest bit of news is that at long last I am out of the ‘delightful’ moonboot.  The man that did the surgery is very pleased with his handiwork and very quickly wanted me to see just how good the results were on x-ray.  Now I need to learn how to walk properly as it has been six years since the accident and three years since the first surgery. So, with the help of one crutch and a bit of physiotherapy I wont be running any marathons but I’ll be doing my best to be able to take the credit cards shopping *wink*.
Sorry this has been such a long post, you know it was probably longer than my week – but hey ho.
Have a great week, hugs
a name Miche'le


  1. hey Miche'le
    you did a gorgeous job on Deb's quilt.............thanks so much for all your work.........and such a special delivery too........

    so glad to hear good news on the foot.........

  2. I am sure the boot was cumbersom...glad you are love love the bag!

  3. Hi Michele...first time on your blog! The bag you made is really pretty! Came over to see if you might have posted a finished UFO..hehe

  4. I'm glad you have the boot off - good luck learning proper walking.

    How lovely that you had Deb and Bill to stay. Poor dears have just had more awful quakes today...when will it stop?

  5. Brill bag. Congrats on a job well done to all those who worked on dear Deb's quilt. It's brill that everyone pulled together.Well done for assembling it Miche'le. So lovely of you. Gorgeous tray!

    Oh what a relief for you Michelle that you are finally out of the boot!


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