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Monday, June 20, 2011

A Natural Legacy

OK I admit it, when the domestic goddess gene was handed out I was busy somewhere and only got given the ‘leftovers’.  So staying at home playing happy families/mummy wasn’t really my thing.  Don’t get me wrong I did do it and love my family enormously but as soon as the girls were old enough I toodled off to uni to start a new career.
These days I just love being at home as long as I’m fit and healthy, plus I now run our shop from home.  So when our daughter asked me to look after Miss Faith for the day I knew that although the foot wasn’t 100% I would be able to sit down and play cards or whatever with this switched on little 3 year old and should really cope with customers and her without too much trouble.

021Miss Faith was dropped off at 7-30a.m. and by morning tea time we had watched kiddies TV, served a couple of customers and made a batch of banana chocolate chip muffins, so a sit down and a cuppa were well welcomed.  Miss Faith chose to sit on my lap and  I picked up a little redwork project and stitched away while she munched on her muffin.
Later on I left Miss Faith sitting on my chair watching a kiddies movie while I cleaned up in the kitchen. I popped in to check on her and got the biggest surprise I think I have ever had. 
004This little 3 year old (only just turned 3) had picked up my stitchery and was stitching!  I don’t mean shoving the needle in any old place.  This kiddie was actually doing my redwork!
Really!!!!  006
I even managed to remember to get photos.  You know if it hadn’t 005had been a different tension sign,  I would have struggled to see where she had sewn.  Honestly, I was and still am gobsmacked.  Faith had sewn on top of my Pigma marks, only a few009 stitches but enough to finish off the star  thingy I was working on. Once I got over the 010shock, I gave this little sweetie her own small hoop, a bit of fabric, needle and thread and left her to it.  For over an hour this little tot stitched, only needing my help to thread the needle and tie the knot.015
Bliss *sigh*, yep, I’m so excited.  The next generation has picked up it’s own needle and stitched – yeah.
To some of you this may mean next to nothing, but to this Grandma it’s an enormous thrill and one I just had to share.
a name Miche'le


  1. how wonderful! and even better that you managed to get photos too...

  2. That is so cute! So now I know how you get so much stitching done - you have little helpers enlisted to double your output. LOL
    Your little Faith is a sweetheart and I'm sure she'll always be a stitcher from now on.

  3. Well you can tell who's grand daughter she is. Congratulations Grandma. Now if I can only get my grand daughter to do the same, it would make me a very happy Granny LOL. Yes, it is the simple things that make us happy and I am sure that piece of stitchery is going to be the best piece ever :)

  4. Actually brought tears to my ears to read this. It's just so encouraging. Thank you for sharing. This is just the sweetest post :)

  5. Wow!! She is a smart one!!! That is so awesome!!!


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