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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An On-Line Auction Win

Here in New Zealand we have an on-line auction sight called ‘Trade Me’.  I am only a beginner on using this site and usually just have a quick flick through it’s pages and never bidding.  However… just lately sleep and I haven’t been the best of friends, so after another 3 a.m. wake up session I got my trusty ‘pooter’ (as Miss Faith calls my laptop)out and started really looking at the on-line auctions.183519839_full
This insignificant little shiny pouch caught my eye, so I decided to look a bit harder…
Mmmmmm, interesting I thought so looked at yet another picture…
By now I had decided to place a bid and have a go at winning this little treasure that someone many years ago had made such a lovely job of.
I needed to wait 4 days before the auction closed so I decided on a maximum amount that I was prepared to pay and placed an auto bid.
Well, 4 days later and this little beauty is mine, nobody else bid on it and… I got it for $20.  I think that was a bargain what do you think?  The man that I bought it from said that it is at least 50 years old but anything beyond that he hasn’t got any idea.  I just look at the handiwork and try to think of who the woman was that made it as I study her ultra fine embroidery stitches.
Now I’m going to try and complete a few UFO’s (yep, I have plenty) and then make a replica, maybe in cotton.  Then I can put my ‘treasure’ away with my other collectables and start to use the newbie.
Maybe I’ll have to go back to Trade-Me and see what other treasures I can find.
Have a lovely week one and all
a name Miche'le


  1. Miche'le it is lovely... in fact I have made a replica of the same one I know that the pattern is very old... we did it at embroidery guild a few years back ... well done on your find these old things are very addictive ...beware... hugs Laurie

  2. That is so beautiful, lucky you.

    I used to sell a few quilty odds and ends on Trade Me and should really get back to it again. Never used to buy much though.

  3. So pretty - imagine parting with such a treasure, nice that you've found it and will cherish it again.

  4. What a gorgeous puuch. I was wondering if it could be late 1940s early 1950s? I had a bed cover-it went over the top of the eiderdown, in my grandmother's house which was that shade in a green silk. Blinking nuisance as it would figet to the floor overnight. I think that was possibly older but your pouch might've been made from left-overs from bigger projects. My Nana's generation wasted nothing!

  5. what a lovely treasure,well done

  6. Wow, what a treasure you have there. I haven't ventured into TradeMe but some of my friends have had fun with purchases. A good reward for a sleepless night!


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