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Friday, September 23, 2011

Was It Really Only A Week Ago?


Travelling to our nearest large city (Christchurch) by car usually takes about four or so hours.  The road is windy and although the views are stunning I usually end up rather weary at the end of the trip.  Going there by plane is half an hour. Scrunched up in a teeny wee plane isn’t my idea of comfort travel so when I was asked to go and teach at ‘Creative Flair’ in Christchurch last weekend I chose what I now consider the most awesome form of002 transport available – the train, in fact ‘The
Tranz Alpine’.  I’ll let some of the pictures save a thousand words eh?


As you can see I went from one side of the island to the other.  Here are just a few of the spectacular views I caught on film.  I’m sorry to say that in nearly every one of the shots, the reflection of my camera shows as I was taking the shots from inside the carriage. Through Hobbit country we went, up and over the Alps that act as a spine to our island.



Through another snow capped range and the blue skies of Christchurch are ahead.030


The train trip was THE best way to travel.  I arrived in Christchurch fresh and relaxed and there to meet me was Miss Deb and her ‘Sweet William’.  This lovely couple were putting up with not just me for the weekend but also sweet Shiree from The Rowan Tree.  Shiree had brought her shop up for the fair from Twizel.


Here are the three of us after a busy Saturday and a wonderful dinner that Miss Deb cooked for us.  You can hardly tell that this was a ‘jimjam’ party eh?

All too soon my classes were finished and the weekend was over, but not before we had a little private class at Debs place.  Early on the Sunday morning, Miss Deb and Sweet William got me to the train on time and sent me on my way back over the Alps towards home.  Thanks guys, you’re the best.


Since arriving home it has been just go, go, go.  Very little time for anything ‘crafty’, Spring is here and there are chores to be done ,but I still found a little time in the evenings to make another pincushion to add to the collection from a pattern book I bought at the fair.


I hope you enjoyed some of the train trip views.  I tried to be selective from the 60 plus shots I took.  The grandeur of the Southern Alps is truly spectacular and certainly have me smitten with their beauty. 

By the way, the classes went really well, Miss Deb was my star pupil and we had a great group of ladies for the workshop they were really ‘into’ my classes and so was I – I even forgot to take photo’s – oh well, next time maybe.

Have a great weekend everyone


a name Miche'le



  1. I heard a rumour you were on the 'other side'. Would love to take that train journey one of these days, looks stunning. Your pincushion is a wee honey Miche'le, BBD books are gorgeous, aren't they!
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend,
    hugs, Nicky

  2. The Tranz Alpine trip has to rate with the best train trips in the world. We have enjoyed it twice, once in Summer, then again in Winter with snow covering everything. The scenery is just fantastic.

  3. There is one through the central north island I would love to do one day. Yummy pin cushion.
    I hope your heart is meanding over your sweet doggie.

  4. I even bought more "balls", told you I was on a roll, oh and lots more pins!! Your pincushion does look fabulous. It was so much fun having you and Shiree here, Willy and I enjoyed every minute of it. xx

  5. Great way to travel! I have done that road and don't like it. I too have plans one day to do that train trip.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Deb is lovely.

  7. Oh, a road trip. What fun, and what beautiful country!! There is a train that crosses Canada, but it is way out of my price range, unfortunately. But, what a way to go!


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