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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hidden Treasure


Over a decade ago my dear friend Linda made me a little pin cushion.  It was about 4” in diameter and the top of it was made up of squares in a very elegant Japanese 020gold overlay fabric, the bottom squares were a plain black, and when put together it resembled a biscournu.   This little pin cushion became the home for all of my applique pins and the odd needle or two that I was using at the time.


Today I made  pin cushion, a little elephant 013complete with a trunk and tail.  It’s funky colours aren’t really ‘my thing’ but I016 thought at least I’d always be able to find it amongst all my clutter and so I started transferring the pins and needles from one to the other.  Eventually ‘Nellie” was fully loaded with pins and needles and the little pin cushion empty – or so I thought.

I really like the style of the pin cushion Linda had made for me and thought I might make one the same, so I started to pull out all of the stuffing through the small 022hole in the base.  Bit by bit the stuffing came018 out along with one needle after another.  There were over 45 needles buried inside my little pin cushion – OMG, over a decade of lost needles now found.

I guess the moral of this story is to squeeze your pin cushion from time to time and check to see if any hidden needles poke their way out, you never know with the price of good stitching needles these days,  you just might fine some hidden treasure *wink*.

Happy days

hugsa name Miche'le


  1. Cute pin cushions.I have made pin cushions with bases to stop this problem. I found a wonderful blog of a women that makes the prettiest pincushions that have CD bases.

  2. OMG alright - 45 needles!! That must be some sort of record!it makes me wonder what other places around the house are hiding some of our bits and pieces - backs of sofas,bottoms of storage boxes.... and sew on!

  3. OMG must have never ever picked that pincushion up by grabbing would have stabbed yourself.........

  4. LOL - That is so funny! I've found a couple in the centre of my pincushion, but 45 ?!?
    So you won't be buying any needles for a while then ......................

  5. Miche'le my friend Sugi found 230 needles and pins in one of her pincushions, they fostered a small boy with problems and he used to play with the pincushion when talking to her while she was sewing obviously he was pushing them completely in ... she did wonder why she was missing needles all the time.
    Hugs Laurie

  6. I think your little Nellie is cute. That's kind of funny about all those needles!

  7. Oh the shame I found the bodkin to sew up the Harvest coloured jumper hat and scarf buried inside the cupcake pincushion this week! I'm now wondering just how many needles are in there too.

    Love the elephant's colours!

  8. That little elephant pin cushion is sooo cute!! :o) I'll remember that about squeezing my pin cushion once in a while..


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