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Sunday, November 6, 2011

OK, who did it and what secret has Santa got?


Now I know you are all very nice  people but which one of you took 006Spring away from us?  Last week this Azalea was in full glorious golden bloom and then someone (not mentioning any names here) came alone with high winds torrential, horizontal rain and hail!!  So much hail it looked like a light snow covering ,but believe me there was nothing light about the way it hammered against the roof and windows.  Then as if that lot wasn’t bad005 enough the flipping temperature plummeted. 

Now being a ‘Winter’ person I would normally be quite happy to go and hide in my sewing cave with the heater on but this time I’m kind of getting concerned.  You see upstairs in one of the bedrooms there are four bridesmaids dresses and one bridal gown, complete with veil and not one of these dresses has sleeves or anything warm about them and the wedding is only two weeks away!  So, if you’re the one that pinched our Spring, please return it and we will say no more about it – OK?  *wink*


So, how many of you are all signed up for Chookyblue’s 2011 Secret Santa Christmas Swap?  Once I got my partners name I went right into detective mode hunting out the slightest bit of information I could about her in order to make my gifts something of her taste. 

Well, I think I’ve got it right and am004 now ready to pack it all up and get it posted.  But before that here009 is a sneak peek at what I have put together.  I sure hope my secret friend likes the goodies I have made for her – I’m sure she will ,anyway she’s too nice a person to say otherwise.

I also hope this swap gets to it’s partner faster than one I sent away over a month ago with TTE2.  It still hasn’t got to it’s destination and I’m now really getting worried about it.

Hopefully the week will be kind to all of you,


a name Miche'le


  1. Oh I didn't take it promise...........low 30's here this week.........
    glad to hear your SSCS is done.......posting 19th-25th..........

  2. Nope not stolen Spring and hidden it in the UK. Have you tried under the rug in other countries?

    I didn't sign up to any secret santa swaps this year. I'm just about keeping up with Christmas present making. Little things sent with love this year.

  3. I certainly didn't take it-we got the snow as well. It's supposed to be more like spring today so we will see.
    Hope it warms up for the wedding.

  4. I hope the weather cooperates with the wedding. Goodness sakes! Karmen

  5. Here's hoping for warm fine weather for you in 2 weeks. ( we got a chill spell too - very unpredictable but somewhat typical Spring weather.We got some nasty wind too! )

  6. Hopefully spring will be back....soon!! Best wishes for the upcoming wedding!


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