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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Oh My Goodness!


My last post really did result in a flurry of responses and as expected from all different sides – not that I was wanting ‘sides’.  I have had 17 responses that I chose not to publish as they clearly identified people and I didn’t want a blame and shame response just a general ‘how do you feel  about this.

What I did find heart wrenching was the number of quilt shop owners past and present who have or are about to shut up shop for a variety of reasons but mostly the rise in prices of everything from fabric to wages and rents.  Some of these people have given their heart and soul to the craft and although now a lot poorer, their lives are richer as they can now do their ‘thing’ without the stresses associated with shop ownership.

I don’t regret my last post, sometimes it’s good for us to discuss that sort of thing just as other trades discuss issues in their work lives so to the number of people who chose to respond with insults – I’m sorry (for you) as you totally missed the point.

On to something new…

OMG Autumn has arrived along with the start of March, however for those of us heading towards Winter it’s just perfect for quilting and hopefully catching up on a few UFO’s – I know I will be!  The pile of UFO’s in my sewing room is now carefully spread around so as not to look so imposing but I know I really have to get stuck into them and soon. I have a number of these UFO’s that I’m not sure whether or not to carry on with and am tossing around the idea of donating them to a worthy cause.  Have any of you ever done this?

Well ladies I can’t even put in any clip art with this post, for some reason or other my laptop has decided to spread my picture file throughout other files – how I do dislike not being able to sort out these techy type of problems by myself.

Next week I’ll be off over the ditch to spend some awesome time with the ‘Nutters’ on the  ‘Let’s Get Stitched in Tassie’ retreat in Hobart.  So my next post I hope to be able to share a lot of what happened as well as pics.

Have a great week one and all



  1. I hope that you have a great time Stitching in Tassie, can't wait to see what you girls get up to.

  2. Missed the last post.. I'll have to hop over and read it. Insults.. really? That's awful. The whole world doesn't have to agree on everything, but insults are unnecessary! Looking forward to seeing what you stitch up. Have fun!!

  3. Not long now Miche'le .... Meet you for coffee at Brissy airport next Thursday :o)
    Joy ;o)

  4. There is a place local to here which will go to quilter gatherings to sell fabric etc. I have bought from them but one of the fabrics was thinner that others I already had in the range. It made me dubuous about buying from them again. They also sell on-line, but I don't think you can beat going into a real shop and seeing the fabrics for yourself.

    You are doing so much better than me- I haven't sewn this year yet! I am down to 3 odd balls of wool, but they aren't in colours suitable for my nieces, so I'm not sure what to do with them yet.


Thankyou so much for popping by and leaving a comment. I enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas and will get back to you if needed, hugs - Miche'le

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