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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The First Leg


After so much planning and saving with a slow but steady building of excitement the day finally came when I headed off to Christchurch airport to catch my flight for the first leg of my all too short trip to join the ‘Nutters’ in Tasmania on their ‘Lets Get Stitched’ retreat.  003

Arriving by car after a 3 1/2 hour drive a good strong coffee was definitely what we needed however when it came time for an early night in order to be up and ready by 3 a.m. the strong coffee had kicked in and sleep just didn’t want to join either DH nor me.  So when the alarm went at 3 both of us were more than a bit too tired, I had told DH –“just get me to the airport by 4 and go back to bed in the hotel” – for once he did as I said – amazing!

Arriving in Brisbane I kind of got my second wind and went on the hunt for Joy.  Joy and I had never met face to face but had spoken regularly ‘on-line’.  So when I saw this blond woman that looked something like the picture I had seen of Joy on-line I decided to do the stalking thing and call her name.  No response, oh heck!  Within minutes this blonde lady and her attentive man were lined up at a coffee shop and as many a story goes – our eyes met – really it was just like in the movies, we both called out each others name and before I knew it we were sitting chatting easily like long lost friends.  I don’t think I will ever forget that moment as it kind of set the whole tone for the entire weekend.

About half an hour later Marilyn joined us and we made our way towards our flight for Hobart, Tasmania.  I didn’t know it then but this quietly spoken woman Marilyn was to be my roomy and how lucky I was to have her to – thanks honey.

Our flight was nothing special, Joy, her husband Daryl and Marilyn were seated 2 rows in front of me and every now and then 012Joy would turn around to check on me. During this leg of my trip I found myself sitting next to a young couple with a two year old daughter.  Now I have travelled with young children and accept that they can and do on occasion cry during the flight, but this child screamed and screamed and even the flight crew seemed at a loss as what to do.  Joy had turned around to see where this child was and showed a huge amount of sympathy when she realised it was next to me – oh well, thank goodness it wasn’t a long flight. 

Hobart was within our sight and the retreat was about to begin but I’ll save that for the next instalment.016

Have a great week


a name Miche'le


  1. Hi Miche'le I was lucky too to have you as my Roomy. But so sorry you got the rotten bed. Otherwise all was good in our quiet corner. Waiting for your next instalment. Mine is blogged in instalments too but mainly pics.
    Catch you later. xx

  2. Such an adventure - screaming toddler and all. Looking forwrad to hearing all about it.

  3. don't worry the beds in Adelaide if you can come are brand new or will be about a 1 year old by then...they ahve just renovated the place I am looking at..
    Hugs Dawn x x...

  4. Owwww I was enjoying the story - I wanna know what happened next...... Hugs - Fee X

  5. Sounds like a great adventure, looking forward to more and then to hear what you are planning for us in 2014 after next year.
    Mum and I have already got our calendars sorted to be able to come and join you

  6. Cant wait for the next chapter Am I in it? So nice to meet you. I love your stories. Oh that Joy has a cheeky look on her face. Butter wouldnt melt. lol Miss you all

  7. Okay hope this is going to be a daily post... can not wait for next instalment...hugs x

  8. Great story Miche'le and am off to read the next installment :) Was soooo good to meet you and the weekend was gone in a flash :) Hugs Vicki x


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