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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Busy, busy, busy


Now it’s kind of from here on in where things get a little murky.  I know we drove around Hobart and saw some of the most glorious architecture, both new and old.  Very old cottages lovingly restored and homes to die for teetering on the hill sides all facing towards the crystal clear sea. I know and can remember going to four different quilt shops and at some stage we took over the most amazing scrap booking shop I have ever seen, card, ribbons, lace stickers, novelty items the list goes on and I wanted them all but the dreaded luggage weight kept me restrained but not many others – not naming names of course *wink*.  One of the shops we went into and I’m so sorry I can’t remember it’s name, was rather large and absolutely choc full of fabrics.  This shop was down the back of a long really narrow driveway and Fee did amazingly well driving down it. I  believe it  was owned by a pair of Americans who obviously believe that more is more – my kind of ladies.  Yep, I bought just a wee bit of fabric there – well I had to have something to remember the place by didn’t I?

I also remember how we all poured into a fabulous coffee shop IMG_0140that had the most delicious tasty morsels – and yes I did try them and yes they were heaven in a mouthful – yummmmm. In this pic from left to right are Fee, Captain Fantastic (a.k.a Daryl – Joys husband), myself, Vicki and Dawn.020

One shop I do remember the name of was The Quilted Crow.  Pulling up outside of this shop I IMG_0145remember thinking how awesome it would be to have my shop in an old church like this one was.  The space inside was full of ‘civil war’ type prints and lots of woollen fabric.  After a good look around I decided that the fabrics I could buy back home but some of the ‘haby’ stuff I couldn’t, so chose to buy a number of miniature quilt block template andthe quilted crow papers for doing some traditional paper piecing, other than hexies.  Sadly the supplies were pretty low on some things and especially on some of the papers so I will at some stage be begging my new BFF’s to pick some up for me when they are available.

I do remember the heat that hit us as we left the old church and as we stood around outside waiting for the vehicles to air out – whew!  I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t the only one to feel it either – that makes a change.

After the church (I think) we were told that we were off for a surprise visit – Fee had suggested we try to guess where we were going and not one of us guessed that we were going to Pattern Helen Stubbings in her studioPress, the home of Helen Stubbings of Hugs and Kisses fame.  OMG, I was in my element, this was the highlight of my whole weekend (well one of them for sure).  It was Helens birthday so as we descended on her studio she was greeted with 20 odd of us singing Happy Birthday dear Helen as we invaded her small workshop. at pattern press with Helen Stubbings Helen shared wonderful ideas, fabrics, projects and oh so much more with us and I was soaking it all up – her work and patterns are just lovely.


Still on the high of visiting Pattern Press we headed back into the heat and off to a great pub/club place for lunch – not that we really needed it as our next stop was Cadbury’s and you couldn’t tell me that we weren’t going to be eating chocolate there!  I think I had died that day and gone to heaven – I certainly know that by the end of Friday I was well and truly full of ideas and food.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking for this bit.


Just a few bags of goodies were bought



I can honestly say that I didn’t buy any chocolate – not bad eh for a self confessed chocoholic – it was a weight thing… mine and the planes sadly!

The Cadbury factory shop was bulging at the seams with goodies027 ready for Easter and many made good use of the prices.  Sweet Joy_thumb[2]Miss Joy found something that looked like it was especially made for her. 



Fee, Dawn, Judy and Marilyn trying to lead me astray at the Cadbury factory

On that little gem I’ll close this post for today, I don’t want you all getting bored with our antics.

Have a great weekend

hugs a name Miche'le


  1. Aaah! Memories !!! I dont know how you resisted buying from Cadbury - and we tried to influence you!!! The visit to Helen was certainly a highlight.

  2. And I want to come visit your shop. Do we really have to wait 2 years? Looks deliciously welcoming.

  3. Oh, what fun, and chocolate too!

  4. Beautiful! In one shot looks like Under the Southern Stars quilt. It is designed by Sue Daley, EPP, I made this quilt too it is still my favourite. It looks like you had a wonderful time, home with new fresh ideas no doubt!

  5. First shop is called "Patchworks". It really was a whirlwind trip but geez we all had a fabulous time. I think Helen loved being able to share her space with all of us too.
    Happy Stitching

  6. What fun, so full of happy times an wonderful memories hun. No chocolate, you're a legend!!

  7. Fun Filled days and lots of wonderful memories :) Hugs - Fee X


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