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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Moving right along


After all the shopping  and tasting that day we found our way back ‘home’ where we were to get ready for the pizza and games evening.  Dawn was MC for the evening and she started her prep as soon as we got in the door.  More food, this time desserts for the pizza evening, I wont say much except for… banoffi pie!!! To die for – really.

The games evening not only had us doing the official meet, greet and share thing (some ladies were there that didn’t do the shop hop) but we all got stuck into the piles of pizza that magically arrived – again Fee’s great planning (what a gem).  Then the games began, well would you believe it – more chocolate! time to let these trousers out a tad I think, LOL.  We continued with a variety of games and the one that most stuck in my mind was the charm swap – Dawn and a friend had dreamed this game up and if you ever get chance to play it, do it’s a barrel of laughs.  During judythe games Fee’s sister who is training to be a beautician had set up on the dining room table and was giving hand massages – I didn’t  manage to get one sadly, from what the others said she did an awesome job. Here is Judy getting pampered. By the way it was Fee’s fault – just  a little joke there.  Oh, and Fee, I pinched this pic from you xx

Another late night – but well and truly worth it.

Saturday we were up early and off to the Salamanca  market.  I just loved this place and so much stuff really should have jumped into my Tassie bag but I had that weight thing going through my029 mind not to mention the restrictions imposed on stuff going back to NZ.  Vicki and I strolled around the market for a good couple of hours and it wasn’t long before we realised just how much of the same stuff we both liked and disliked.  Vicki you made my day, you are an absolute sweetie, mwah. With just a few purchases, including the most 031divine fresh nougat, we stopped for a fresh coffee and a rest for the feet.  The history here was amazing, old stone buildings and rickity little alleyways that brought you out into bustling courtyards.  even the underground car park was impressive with its raw rock wall left visible.  That night we had our ‘formal’ dinner at yet another outstanding eatery, this place had053 the most gorgeous chocolate pudding that I just had to try it – just a little bit. 

It was during our time there that I realised that I truly was a technophobe.  While what appeared to be everyone doing stuff on their phones I pulled out my only bit of technology and snapped them all in action.


This  group caught me taking the photo and very quickly hid their phones, but I got them later.045 Even our own Joyful Joy got snapped  trying to lead Lillian astray and innocent little Alison tried to hide it too .047


An early night that night – Sunday was ‘the’ day, the main reason for us all descending on Hobart.

That’s all for now, hugs

a name Miche'le


  1. And you were just awesome company too my darling BFF :) I cant wait to go shopping with you again Miche'le....was lots of fun :) Hugs Vicki x

  2. I'm a bit of a technophobe too, there's no as-you-go bookfacing from me!


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