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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Addicted, habit or lifestyle?


Last time I posted I had just sent my trusty Pfaff off to the ‘surgeon’ to get fixed.  Well, she is still not back and life is so very different without at least one daily sit down session in front of her.  I was explaining this to our DD#1 last night and she with her 33 years of wisdom told me that I was displaying the behaviour of an addict.  Noooo I answered, more a lifestyle is what I have not an addiction.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I was trying to find a difference as ultimately both had a reliance on something.  So I guess little Miss Oh-so-clever was right – but please, don’t let her know, shhhhh.

The long and the short of it is, my Pfaff still isn’t back *sigh*.

I haven’t been idle though, there has been a huge amount of hand stitching going on.  I seem to have fallen into another style, something I started doing last month – candlewicking.  There are four more large ‘fronts’ finished and waiting to be made into something, plus a couple of little thingies that will probably become gifts for some gorgeous friend or two.

Quilted stars divider_thumb[7]

On the home front the renovations are charging ahead.  During the last two weeks a plasterer has been in ’gibstopping’ the new ceiling in our rather (now) large l009ounge.  I don’t know if you remember but at the beginning of  the year my man knocked down a wall the divided the002 lounge from a silly little space that was the hallway with the front door at the end of it.  Well… on the ground floor of this house we have three lots of ‘ranch sliding’ doors  plus a back door that is really the main door.  So really 006no need for a separate front door, so along with the wall out came the door.  Now the lounge is a wonderful size and we are now in the throws of doing all the other ‘bits’ that a reno involves including carpeting the entire house, new curtains and new wallpaper all of which are long overdue. This huge job is leaving us with very little in our lounge and most of the furniture stacked up in the dining room. Just quietly, I can’t wait until it’s all finished and I can get to ‘dress the room’ just in time for Christmas – which I’m afraid to say isn’t that far away.

With that thought I’ll wish you all a wonderful weekend


a name Miche'le


  1. Good luck with the reno, it will be worth it when it's finished. Hand sewing isn't so bad - hope your Pfaff is home soon.

  2. Enjoy your renovations! It is a very healthy addiction....sewing that is!

  3. Addicted? Of course not! We just NEED to do it.
    Best of luck with the renovations, all a bit trying, isn't it. But then when it's done everything will be nice and fresh again.

  4. All looking good on the home front...hope the machine returns soon may be a call to the menders is in order ... I know I would be calling by now if not before now... think of all those lovely gifts you are accumulating by hand stitching .. thanks for all the rain ..guess you have finished with it and had enough and passed it on to us. Nothing like sharing ...hugs x

  5. Gosh I'm loving all that you're doing Miche'le!
    Beautiful work and I especially love the candlewicked cushion... so elegant and divine!
    Wishing you well with your Renos and having your beloved machine returned to you very soon :D

  6. I can imagine you are missing your best friend but just as well you do hand work as well. Addiction, passion or lifestyle - who cares, there are worse vices!! :-)

  7. Nah, you're safe hon. Addictions must be destructive to oneself and/or others. Your HABIT is constructive in every sense! :)

  8. Spoken like a true addict Miche'le...LOL
    Hope your 'baby' returns soon....


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