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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Back to Normality, sort of


I have to share my latest ‘finish’ with you first today as I’m just so flipping pleased with it.

‘Sherbert’ is what I named this particular quilt as when I was describing the colours I wanted to use I suggested the colours of the sherbert that we used to be able to buy many moons ago as children.  So, without further ado may I introduce ‘Sherbert”


Now I hope you can see why I’m so happy with it.  My friend and long arm quilter Sue did the quilting and I really think she has enhanced the entire quilt – this one is a ‘keeper’

Along with this quilt I have also been plodding along with stitcheries that I’ve been getting done for little gifts and also the odd cushion.


This is the latest cushion from the production line – I’m sorry about the ‘shiny’ glare, I forgot to take a photograph before I covered it in cellophane for the shop.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been busy finishing off the renovations of our lounge while nursing an injury.

Following many months of dust and grime the lounge has gone from this 001                               and this003To this




There are still quite a few bits and bobs to get put out and hung up, including the odd quilt or two – but in the main we are finished – yeah!!!!

As for the injury – mmm, well I managed to drop a large cast iron beautiful shabby chic tray onto my toe. At almost 4kg it kind of hurt like heck but worst of all was being back into plaster for a wee while as I had broken my big toe in a few places.  I’m not quite sure what the plaster was achieving as my poor old blackened toe was still able to move.  Anyway, eventually I was able to talk the dear doctor man around and get the cast off, leaving me with an impressive bruise and quite a bit of swelling.


Now the bruising seems to have settled and is really only visible under my nail – a good excuse to buy some dark nail polish to hide it I reckon *wink*.


Well, on that colourful note I think I’ll share just one last image – this one is from the shop with the wisteria doing it’s best to frame the entrance to the shop


have a great week everyone

hugs             Miche’le


  1. Oh, sore toe!!! I really like Sherbet!
    Your shop looks lovely!

  2. Ouch....your toe looks sore. But the lounge room and Sherbet look fabulous.

  3. I love your sherbet quilt, and the entrance to your shop is so inviting!

  4. oh I love the look of sherbet......I would keep it too........

  5. Your colours in Sherbert are so soft and delicate.
    Oh Dear that toe! May it heal up and be pain free really, really quickly.

  6. The lounge looks fabulous Miche'le. You and Jon must definitely be thrilled. Looks huge, so much room to chase each other around now!!!
    Sherbert is adorable and remember- 1st dibbs.

  7. I love your Sherbet quilt - is it the quilting that making the HST look like curves? Hope your toe is healing!! Love the look of your shop, and so good to have the lounge pretty much done - it looks nice and roomy and very comfortable.

  8. I think I saw Sherbet on FB - absolutley stunning! Is it your own design? House and shop both look fantastic, and I hope the toe is feeling better now.

  9. Hello Miche'le, I would like to thank you for my beautifully wrapped SSCS gifts and the gorgeous Christmas ornament you sent and I received today...
    I will put up my tree tomorrow sew I can pop your gifts underneath. I can't wait to open them Christmas morning..


Thankyou so much for popping by and leaving a comment. I enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas and will get back to you if needed, hugs - Miche'le

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