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Saturday, November 17, 2012

I just have to share…


A couple of weeks ago I was browsing through an on-line auction site just having a look/see at what treasures people were offering for sale.  As I was looking at goodies under the ‘Antiques’ label I didn’t expect to be purchasing anything.  Well, that changed and I got lucky and had the winning bid in the auction -  woo hoo.

I really like collecting ‘old’ things.  In the house I have a healthy collection of old brass objects, some beautiful big bronze figures that I collected when living in Asia and then a few Asian figures in bone (not ivory as I respect elephants too much to collect that), then there is my fabric stash – but we wont go there *wink*.  I also really like to repurpose old things too, so when I saw this gorgeous ‘donut’ box I couldn’t resist it.


It’s condition is superb and just look at the art work.  On the side there is a treasure of a closing clasp.


There isn’t a single thing wrong with it both inside and out, quite honestly it’s in a better condition than I thought it was.  And what am I repurposing this gorgeous piece of work into ?– well…


What do you think?  Where the donut is supposed to sit snuggly I discovered that my bobbins fit in just perfectly.  Awesome.

Now all I have to do is tidy my tip of a sewing cave so that I can find a space for my new bobbin case where I can admire it while working.  This could be a long term project until I can share those pictures with you – the room is an absolute shambles and became a bit of a dumping ground while we were decorating, so I’m not sharing pictures of that it’s too embarrassing, really.

Have a wonderful week one and all





  1. It was meant to be. Lovely to see something old given new life. Well done.

  2. what a great idea Miche'le. Purposeful and gorgeous to look at.

  3. It's beautiful - what a good buy!!!

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous - and useful! - find. Hope you find a suitable spot for it!!

  5. That's so nifty! Glad you won the auction. sue~nz word verfication is so hard, my 3rd try!! lol.

  6. gorgeous gorgeous find!!!... and which online site was this?

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