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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Somebody please tell me where the last month has gone.  I’m sure it was only last week when I wrote my last post – not last month!

So much has happened and yet nothing has is if you know what I mean.  My first bit of news is that I got a big parcel in the mail from my SSCS partner.


As  the rules state, I was able to open the envelope and the package that is the ornie – all the rest have to wait for Christmas Day.


Once inside this gorgeously tempting envelope I found a number of parcels.  Look at the fab labels – all carefully stitched, little treasure that I will also hang on future Chrissy trees – here, have a look…



Thank you so much Annette, your name and labels will be with me every Christmas.   The ornie parcel was just as exciting – look at this cute little character…



plus the other little treasures too.  Now I’m getting excited and can’t wait to see what else is in the parcels waiting to be revealed on Christmas Day.


Thank you again Chookyblue for taking the time to run yet another SSCS


Christmas, this year is going to be a bit of a non event in our house.  I already was aware that DD#2 and Miss’s Faith and Taylor wouldn’t be here and that DD#1 and Miss Hannah had other plans so was looking forward to a low key day with DH, infact the house is devoid of anything that looks slightly festive and for someone that thrives on this time of the year that is so very unusual.  The Christmas tree is up in the shop though,  so I have stashed all the parcels in there under it. Anyway DH , told me the other day that, that was all going to change.  You see on the 20th he flies out to Chile as a police escort and at this stage he should be back late on Christmas Day.  So, knowing that he is going to be a wee bit shattered when he gets home we will do the Chrissy meal another time and I’ll make sure I have a good movie or three to keep me entertained throughout the day (and night) and of course a wee bit of stitching all prepared too *wink*.


On the stitching front I have been really busy.  Three new patterns are waiting to be written up and I can’t for the life of me settle down to writing them.  Here are just two of the newbies

Love Letters

Love Letters




Sitting alongside me is another, but I’ll wait to share that.

Christmas bough-bell divider

Well, less than a month to go until we welcome in a New Year – time sure is running away on me.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas


a name Miche'le


  1. Isn't that snowman adorable? You so sound like you have been busy, and your projects are lovely.

  2. Love the little snowman from Annette, so sweet! Your new designs are beautiful Miche'le. Sounds like this Christmas is going to be a nice quiet relaxing one.... enjoy......

  3. So glad the parcel arrived safe and sound...I was terrified the posties would go oh this is for Miche'le best we take it via the depths of Africa or the top of Mt Everest or somewhere equally remote and time consuming before getting it to NZ...Glad you like the snowman, hope you like the insides of the main present...Happy Stitching...

  4. enjoy your ornaments from Annette.........sounds like you need the sheer of the SSCS to brighten your day........lovely stitcheries......


Thankyou so much for popping by and leaving a comment. I enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas and will get back to you if needed, hugs - Miche'le

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