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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How to spoil a girl


How do you spoil this girl?  Easy really, you sign up with Chookyblue’s S.S.C.S and get a gorgeous girl, Annette  from Jindi’s Cottage as your secret partner and taa daa, instant spoiling.

Annette went well and truly to the max when she made my gorgeous little003 ornament which I have hanging down on the shop Chrissy tree, along with her gorgeous tags.  The little Snowman looks very comfortable surrounded by baubles, tinsel and a little swansdown just to add a bit of fluff Winking smile

Yesterday I got to open the rest of the bundle that Annette sent – this lady had done a wonderful detective job002 and met all of my likes – to begin with there was chocolate – yum, not just a single flavour but a box of chocs all in a bar.  Wrapped with the chocolate was a lovely mug rug  - just perfect for my spot when working.

Next there was a long bundle but 002before I ripped that apart I found a smaller one on top – wellll, what a gorgeous note pad.  It003 already has a spot in my bag ready for use and to show off.  Isn’t the note paper pretty?

001Now time for the big one, but first I really have to admire another beautifully stitched tag and another for my tree.  This girl Annette is just the most beautiful stitcher.

So, here is the big one004

Isn’t she just delightful and aren’t I the lucky one?  Just look at the stitching on her dress – here have a close up


I told you Annette was a lovely stitcher.  Well that is me well and truly spoilt.  This little lady has been named Jindi after Annette’s blog, jindiscottage and she is sitting next to Miss Faiths bunny, Miss Tillie that lives at Grandma’s house. 

I didn’t have dolls, that I can remember as a child, so am now really making up for it and friends like Annette are helping fill the spot.


Chookyblue you chose such a super partner for me, thank you so very much – and Annette, I just sent you an e-mail – mwah!

Another gift I received was from Miss Dalrene.  Darlene has been to my home a few times and when she found out that my man was to be away for a few days she booked herself in here for a night of chatting, pattern swapping pizza and the odd wine (of course).  Darlene left a parcel behind for me for Christmas day – again another woman who knows me, and probably too well so she chose a book that I will most definitely make use of in the months and years to come.


How lucky am I?  Very, I know.

I hope all of our blogging friends had a wonderful Christmas day.  I was really lucky as DH who I wasn’t expecting so early, arrived home in time to demolish a Christmas feast.

On towards 2013 – let’s all make it a good one – I am certainly setting a few goals for myself and our shop.

blessings to you all

a name Miche'le


  1. What lovely gifts and Jindi is beautiful.
    Darlene left you a great book too.

  2. All the swap gifts for SSCS are so great........does the stitching on the dress match the notepad?

  3. Lucky Girl ... I have some things to Photograph as well but time is not on my side at present so will have to wait..... so that was Christmas now roll on the summer and stop P*ssing down with rain.. whooops sorry!! Hope your world is on the upside this week now ... hugs Laurie

  4. Doesn't it feel good to be spoiled though!? Jindi is beautiful, Annette's work is gorgeous. That is some lovely holiday reading for you to enjoy.....

  5. So glad you like everything, it was fun stalking your blog and deciding what to make...snowman does look very comfy in his tree sweet that you've named the doll Jindi, so very happy that you like her, she does look at home on the couch with Miss Tillie...oh lucky you to get that lovely book, I was coveting the very same book on-line yesterday! enjoy...and thank you for being my secret partner and saying such sweet things *blush*...

  6. What a beautiful swap gift Miche'le. You were a really lucky young lady. Yes Darlene does know you well thats for sure. She's a sneak finding things out eh. So pleased Jon got home
    to have xmas with you.

  7. Annette sure put together a great parcel top send over the ditch...Jindi is so cute...thanks for being part of the SSCS 2012.......

  8. Wow your new doll from Annette is just so sweet, how clever of her!
    I hope you enjoy your new book, too.
    (visiting from SSCS list)


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