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Sunday, February 24, 2013

It’s Been A While


Whew, it’s been a while since I last wrote a post and as my lovely customer friends tell me, it’s about time I wrote another.  so, here goes…Oh, by the way – sorry, it’s a bit picture heavy.


These entries could be all over the place and totally out of sequence because that is roughly what life has felt like lately.  I’ve stitched plenty and my regular ladies have managed to see all that has been stitched but I can’t put some of the pictures up as they are for secret squirrel projects that I have been lucky enough to have accepted for magazine publications – exciting huh?

In the shop we have also been busy – I know that on more than one occasion I toodled off for lunch only to find that it was well after afternoon tea time – now if only my weight would reflect this – ho hummm.

A couple of classes have gone ahead too – 012one was the giant pin-cushion.  The girls all managed to finish theirs and left with big smiles on their faces – even poor Liz who managed to complete the project despite having a 007pretty cute  purple plaster cast on her wrist smiled her way through the aching.

Actually while Liz has had to take sick leave from her nursing job she hasn’t sat back and rested on her cast – oh no.  This lady has been quietly stitching 002away finishing her ‘Strippers Club’ projects and then making more.003


These are just three of her finishes – there are more I just haven’t got pictures of them.  Good on you Liz.

Now somewhere through my time warp of the last month I managed to get Miss Faith to come and stay with her stitchy Grandma. This little girl is well and truly into sewing with Grandma.  Over a year ago she picked up a needle for the first time and although there hasn’t been much stitching of late her eyes lit up when I gave her a little ‘toy’ sewing machine.

The machine is just a chain stitcher but this little girl can sew a straight line – more 015than some adults I know.  To begin with she knelt on the carpet and stitched in the lounge, then next thing she set herself up on my little ironing board in my sewing cave – yeah, how cute.  Speaking of this little four year old… Miss Faith is also554135_10151256055242163_181762015_n supporting a little bit of plaster – 002jumping off the freezer in the garage isn’t a good idea without a soft landing pad – yep, this little lady has six weeks in plaster too.


008Another Strippers Club day has taken place this month.  The girls worked solidly for about six hours and this one really challenged them – jus007t look at the pictures, the levels of concentration are amazing.  Frosty, 010is using a gorgeously rich Bali Pop and Karen on the right has one that has the most mouth watering limes in it.


  Of course, before class started the girls had to be well fed – they needed the energy for this one.008



Another thing that has happened recently was By Hoki Quilts was asked to put up a display at the recent Agricultural & Pastoral Show.  It must have been one of the hottest weekends we had had for a while and putting up the quilts certainly got the brow ‘glowing’, anyway the following are images from some of that display – I don’t think they need any dialogue.




Well, that’s been the last month – or the last month as I can remember it at the moment but I can guarantee there is probably an awful lot more that I have forgotten. It’s been busy, really busy but a lot of fun too.  I hope yours has been too.

Take care, hugs

a name Miche'le


  1. Ooh Miche'le how exciting to have projects accepted for publication. Loved the catch up of (some of) your last month. Your display at the show looks great as well.

  2. Is your header new ? it's very nice .Lovely pic's of your sewing buddies .
    I know envy is a sin but we could do with some of your sunshine here in the UK

  3. Gee Miche'le slow down makes me dizzy just looking and reading about all those projects... hugs Laurie x

  4. You have been a very busy girl Miche'le! Your poor wee Faith, I hope she is getting used to the plaster. You put together a lovely display for the show....
    Have you had any rain of significance yet?

  5. class looks like a lot of fun,lots of lovely projects being made.xx


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