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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No excuse really, I should have written sooner.


Oh gosh, here I go again – apologies to those of you that follow my antics here at the shop.  There really is no excuse apart from being busy – really busy, even on days when I am supposed to have the ‘closed’ sign up.

Last weekend was a prime example… two ladies were here, when they arrived at the shop I was already serving a customer.  It had been a morning of chain customers – you know the type, they are like tag teams, as one leaves another arrives.  Anyway these ladies were so lovely and as I finished their sale one suggested it was a cuppa time.  I answered saying I’m a bit peckish, and lunch couldn’t be that far away. Well, imagine my surprise when one of them told me it was almost 3 o-clock.  Time goes so fast when your having fun eh?


In the last month so much has happened and I just hope I remember it all – so let’s start.

In early March we had a visitor here at the shop who asked if she could join our Sit’n Stitch day.  Anne had heard about our little shop way up in the North Island and was so veryimagesCA52G0ZF complimentary about it.  She fitted in beautifully with our day and shared the gorgeous work she was doing.  This lady was/is so very talented.  Gradually we learnt about Anne’s love of applique – wow, this lady really is talented.  Poppies on Parade is one of Anne Yeo’s quilts and has been selected for this years World Quilt Show.  It’s absolutely stunning.  But the quilt she is working on at the moment left me totally speechless, and for those of you that know me know that I’m not quiet for very long ever. 

001Anne very kindly let me take pictures and although they show just how gorgeous her work is, believe me, they are nowhere near as amazing as the real thing.


Thank you Anne for sharing your time and talent with us, it was a privilege to have you at By Hoki Quilts and in particular at our Sit’n Stitch day.


As for my stitching – well, I had yet another friend who was being tested in life.  I made her a special little pillow, almost the same as I have made a number of times before and so wish that modern science could find a reason for me never to have to make another.


In amongst the crosses I have stitched little crystal beads, it’s just my way of sharing my hope for a brighter, crystal clear future for her.


Thank goodness it found it’s way to my friend on time, in fact just in time as it arrived the day before her surgery – whew. The surgery went well and this special lady is now on the road to recovery and all of our prayers are there to help her along xx


Now being a Grandma of three gorgeous girls I have lots and lots of girly patterns floating around in my sewing cave, so when Ashleigh, one of my gorgeous nieces, let me know that she was due to have a babe in July and that she was having a little girl, I went into girly stitching.

This is the quilt I packed up and sent to Ashleigh a week ago, something special for what will be another great niece.


It looks a little lopsided in the picture – sorry about that, DH was on a bit of a lean I think, haha.

Other little bits of stitching that I’ve played with have included a couple of mobile phone covers.


A new wall hanging, or is it a runner?


Then there was a bit of playing around with tray cloths that are no longer used.


A little bit of doodling with Inktense pencils and taa daaa – a new door sign for the shop.


A far better way to show off the beautiful machine embroidery than sitting in a drawer tucked away for ‘one day’.



We also had another ‘Strippers Club’ day where this time it looked like everyone was using ‘Bali Pops’.  Karen brought her ‘flimsy’ into the shop last week to layer and while she was there Frosty popped in to get her backing and wadding so it was a great time to sneak a picture or two.



Stunning in the batiks I think.

Stitching aside our little patch of paradise has been hit by drought, something those of us living on the Coast just are not used to.  Surviving from water tanks that are fed by rain has been quite a challenge for many.  We are one of the lucky ones, where we can visit our daughter and get water from her, but so many others, farmers especially are suffering.  This weather pattern is very weird indeed however being an early riser I have been so very lucky to watch the morning skies.  This picture is just one of many I’ve been able to snap over the last few months.


My apologies for this being so long, I guess that’s what happens when you get carried away with family, life and work.

Take care everyone, hugs

a name Miche'le


  1. A good reason for your absence here is the shop is so busy. Those quilts of Anne's are amazing. Love your Open sign too.
    Hoping the rain comes soon and the drought breaks - hard to relate NZ and drought.
    Take care My Friend. Hugs xx

  2. Hi there Miche'le
    Nice to have you back in blogger land again. It is so nice to read of your shop exploits once again.

  3. Anne's applique is truly stunning. Love the quilt she is showing. Love your show & tell. Hugs,xx.

  4. By Hoki Miss By Hoki, you have been a busy beaver. All of this production was making my head spin and what brilliant news that you are busy. That applique is absolutely blinking stunning, wow wee. Love the wee baby quilt

  5. I understand the time for the computer seems to be less of late ... FB seems to be my limit lately which takes only a few minutes to read. But the problem is I know that I am busy .... but the list seems to be growing of jobs to be done around the house and garden
    So I am looking for something that will boost the motivation to get these jobs done.
    Look the projects and your vistors quilts .... beautiful


Thankyou so much for popping by and leaving a comment. I enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas and will get back to you if needed, hugs - Miche'le

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