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Saturday, May 25, 2013

It’s taken some time


I can’t believe I am finally able to actually get a post up – after all the fun and games on this thing we call the internet this is how I got here.  So, I have had just over 200 anonymous posts to my blog – fortunately they all needed to be actioned by me before they got posted, otherwise I think this blog of mine would be a lot different from one that focuses mainly on patchwork and quilting and would be  a display so called ‘art’ in an entirely different medium.

To be able to read my blog or emails I have to log on with Firefox yet to write this in ‘Live writer” I have to use Internet Explorer, so as you can imagine there is a bit of juggling going on – but what the heck, we are here now.


At some stage I must list all of my OPAM works too and rather than talking about each one I think I’ll just show the pictures as 2 months worth of work could be pretty boring for some of you to have to sit and read through.

At the moment though Mr BHQ and myself are busy getting ready for some fun.  Next Sunday, 2nd June, our little shop will have been open for business for 5 years!  We are totally thrilled that we have managed to reach this milestone and decisions have had to be made.  One of those decisions was whether we would remain in business.  Shop frontIt wasn’t a decision I was looking forward to making either.  We needed to assess what we were doing and where we (the shop) was going. 

Over the last five years we have crossed many hurdles – some good, some not so good and some just plain horrid but the one thing that has stood out has been my passion for our craft and for the love of sharing and teaching it.

By Hoki Quilts is small but it’s ours, not just Jon’s and mine, but it now has an extended family of wonderful ladies – some of whom have been coming here at least every single Wednesday for Sit’n Stitch days for more than three years.  They have been the driving force here and I know just how lucky we are to have them.  The other people are a few reps that have egged me on when I thought it was just not worth it.

Carol and Terry from Ascot Lane/Broadway distributors were the first reps to answer my call when the shop was still in it’s planning stage.  They continue to come here regularly and continue to make sure that we are exposed to up to date fabric and notion selections. Then there is Debby from Craft Co, Andrew from Trendy’s and Geoff from Tiffs . These reps aren’t quite as regular as others but they still make the trip ‘over the hill’ and still make us feel valued as customers – a lot different from some, who just class the trip as not worth it!  Now I will only buy from those that make the effort and deserve the custom.

015 (2)

Hitting our 5th birthday may not sound like a big deal but just weeks after we opened a recession was announced – sales dropped and for a long while the grocery money went into the shop to ensure bills were paid.  Now we look around the shop and smile.  We have over 700 bolts of fabric on the shelves (yes we counted for stocktake) not to mention almost 800 pre-cut FQ’s plus notions, batting, books, patterns and threads.   By Hoki Quilts is here to stay and fingers crossed by our 10th birthday, the extensions will have been made.

Thank you for sticking with us, whether in person or here on the blog.


Miche’le & Jon

shop sign1


  1. what a lovely inspiring post,well done to you all.xx

  2. Congratulations on your first 5 years. I hope you are getting a reasonable return for your efforts.
    I promise if I am ever down your way I will come and visit and see for my self.
    Your computer probs sound off putting. Ours has been really slow at certain times of the day just lately, SO I give up and wait till another time of day.We shouldn't have to do that when we pay for the service.
    Best Wishes for the future, Ali.

  3. Glad you are still able to keep your head above water & still smile & give thanks. With so many shops closing their doors, it is always nice to see the locals supporting the ones that are still there!
    Good luck for the next five years!!

  4. Congratulations on reaching 5 years, a great achievement. And welcome back to blogland.

  5. Congratulations on this milestone, Miche'le! I'm just sad that I can't make it to those 'Sit and Stitch' sessions lol :-) Fellow Aussie bloggers, De and Marilyn recognised you from my blog post...Marily was your 'roomie' I believe last year???

  6. congrats on your 5th anniversary! and here's to many more.

  7. We will soon be wishing your store a happy birthday. So pleased you have kept on going through the tough times - and that you are keeping on so we can come visit.

  8. Wahoo, it would have been devastating for you to have to close down your shop hunny. Its such a wonderful den of treasures and I know for myself, if I lived closer you would probably just have to stay open for me, cause I would be there for coffee many times each week. At present its just a tad difficult to keep the coffee hot whilst we travel. So thrilled you are carrying on and its is all working for you.xxxx

  9. Congratulations - that is a great milestone in this climate and your location. Good luck for the next 5 years. It is so exciting to be working with something you love.

  10. I can't wait to step inside your shop xxx congratulations on 5 years xxxx

  11. Goodness that is some hoop jumping you have to do to play blog, good luck with that!...Congratulations on your 5th Shopbirthday, that is a fabulous achievement, wahoo party time!...

  12. Congratulations to you on your 5 years!!! I had to turn off anonymous comments and thank goodness all that spam mail stopped - what a pain it was getting, so frustrating and time wasting.

  13. Many congratulations on your 5th Anniversary Miche'le!!!!
    I was so very pleased to visit your shop and meet up with you last year when we were travelling around the South Island on our caravan trip. The scones were delicious.
    Wish I could become one of your Wednesday ladies - that sounds like a fun group to belong to.

  14. Congratulations to you and Jon on 5 years in business. One day I will get to visit your beautiful part of the world again and discover your lovely shop....

  15. Toe shop looks lovely definitely on my list if ever I visit NZ again!


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