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Sunday, July 28, 2013

This is a bit of a trial

It has been well over a month - probably close to two months since my last post and there has been a reason other than not wanting to post.  
I had thought that I had got rid of the nasties that felt they needed to leave their anonymous comments by the dozens - really dozens of them, all up over 300!  Following my last post I got some really nice e-mails offering lots of advice and I have taken most of the advice.  One piece came from Canada and Jeanie suggested that I leave my blog totally alone for over a month and if possible longer.  The reason she suggests is that by doing that I would end up at the bottom of the scammers address list if not off it completely so that's what I have done.
I will leave the blog alone for another couple of weeks and see if any more nonsense happens and if Jeanie's suggestion has worked - then we are back in to it.
Wish me luck
hugs to you all


  1. Must be a terrible experience, hope the time off solves the problem.

  2. I hope it works, nasties just make life miserable!

  3. There is always someone, somewhere, who wants to spoil things for people and misuse of the internet is no exception...what a horrible experience for you, Miche'le. Hopefully Jeanie's advice works!

  4. I just had a thought too...I know commenters grumble about the word verification but could that help keep spammers away?

  5. So sorry for the problems you have had. I have computer junk too, and can't afford to hire a professional to debug, or find the junk. Good luck to you. Hope you are using this time to sew wonderful things that make you happy!

  6. I do hope you manage to write more. I enjoyed your blogs.

  7. Good luck, I hope the plan works.
    I second Maria's suggestion.


Thankyou so much for popping by and leaving a comment. I enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas and will get back to you if needed, hugs - Miche'le

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