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Monday, October 12, 2009

Letting go and licenced to thrill

I have just finished reading a few of my favourite blogs and for those of us that either run quilt shops and/or create quilts for sale we all tend to have one thing in common, every now and then we have created a quilt that became special to us yet despite that we know that we can't keep the quilt and add it to the other pile of quilts that we have around our homes, it just has to be one of those that we let go.  I had this problem recently.  A friend and I challenged each other to complete a chosen pattern using a selection of charms sqaures identicle to each other and then developing the quilt beyond them.  Being rather competative I pulled out fabrics, auditioned them then got on with the quilt top once pleased with my selection.  The applique was done by hand and I quilted the finished product with a dense amount of stipple.
This 'Silver Eye' quilt became an absolute favourite of mine. So when a customer said she just had to have it, and that it would fit neatly into her 120 year old renovated cottage I knew that it was going to be treated with pride that was equal to the pride I had in creating it.  After all, that sale has given me licence to start another - as if I haven't got enough to finish in the UFO pile!


  1. I just love that quilt! A wonderful job!!!

  2. Thank-you Kristie, have a great day stitching.


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