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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Minima and sidebars

Never being one to embrace technology I knew writing a 'blog' was going to be challenging however I never expected to spend so much time getting all the thingmajigs in all the right places.  That was until today, I learnt about minima and sidebars.  At long last text that I typed weeks ago now looks similar in format to what I typed and all those club bages and logo's now sit nicely in the right column.  Why can't some of these clever designers aim their instructions at the lowest common denominator (me) and use language that we all understand an example of this is 'widget', well the mind boggled when I first came across that word!  Even my trusty old dictionary didn't have it. Anyway through accident and not education I finally got to place things in 'sidebars' (the right column) and those things were called 'wigets' ( I think).  So now we are slowly looking like so many other blogspots - organised, yeah.
Getting on to things that I know, whew.  I watched with absolute pleasure as our youngest grand-daughter, Faith, got to explore her big girls 'eye spy' quilt that I had put together for her 1st birthday.  After being a member of a 5" club for many years I had collected a huge assortment of childrens squares and chose to make a scrap quilt surrounded by a lime green border and a rich electric turquoise, both from the Micheal Miller, Krystal range.  As soon as Faith stood on it (well she is only 18 months old and quilts make great things to stand on at that age) she started pointing out butterfly's, bees, angels and fairies and so many other things.  Awesome just what I hoped she would do.

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  1. I,m absolutely sure you will be a success, I wish you all the best, I have ask many bloggers how to get the black cat but no one tells----cottonreel


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