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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stitcheries fingers

Having just completed another little stitchery I thought I should share something that saved me untold frustration.  It's simple really, when in the past I have sewn stitcheries I have always used some type of light weight batting on the back of the fabric, this allowed the stitches to 'float' on the fabric and sometimes created a quilted look,  many sewers do this - it's a good thing.  However, I have always used an embroidery needle for my stitching, it was just something I did until recently when a customer told me that she used a fine tapestry needle.  after suffering with stitchers fingers where there was rough skin due to untold pricking by the sharp needle.  This wasn't on my stitching hand but on the hand that held the fabric, usually on the fingers.  Anyway I tried a very fine tapestry needle and it worked!  No catchy skin to get tugged on by my batting and no pain! For many this is probably obvious to you ,but if you haven't been taught any other way you just go with what you know.  Now I know, try it, it works.
Happy stitching


  1. great idea since I am actually going to work on a stitchery tonight

  2. Good luck Fiesta, I have been using 'Piecemaker' size 7 tapestry.
    thanks for your comment


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