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Monday, March 8, 2010

Ain’t Technology Grand? Not!!!!

As the recent crash of the XT network in New Zealand fades into a distant memory for many, especially those that chose to go elsewhere for their service some of us are wondering when we are going to get a decent broadband service.  I’m sorry but this is a bit of a rant.  You see since 13th December my broadband service has been nothing short of appalling.  Phoning for ‘technical support’ leads me to an offshore set up that after this that and the other form of checking my computer eventually decides to put me through to the technicians here in NZ. Angry_woman_with_computer Again I went through this little exercise this morning starting at 7.30a.m. after hours of tooing and froing a whole morning was totally wasted, grrrr.   It was supposed to be my day off and I did have plans to get out with the dogs, huh!  About 3 this afternoon the modem light eventually went from red to green and it was all systems go.

What has really peeved me is the fact that I had learnt to rely on internet usage for everything from shopping sprees to banking, the latter has caused a lot of grief, especially for my suppliers.  I went from none too happy sending cheques to on-line banking after far too many going missing in the mail.  What is next, carrier pigeon?Tell me, am I the only one this is happening to?  I’m sure when I explain to people that my internet has been down they don’t believe me.

As far as I can see,  the only upside of having internet is contact with DH, and the contact I have with all my blogging friends. To all of you, thank you for being there when and if I manage to get on-line.

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  1. sorry to hear your tale of daughter was also down in far Rotorua has been blessed...but I bet the wrong gods are listening this evening and I will be off tomorrow for bragging....
    Chin up we are still all here for you
    hugs Laurie

  2. If misery loves company - you are not alone. I've been having broadband problems for several weeks (in the US) and I've had emails from a friend in England and another in South Africa that they too have been plagued by computer gremlins.
    Here's hoping all of our gremlins meet with a nasty fate (maybe we can send them all to Neptune - hmmm?)

  3. Mmm all sounds just too familiar.... and we have come to rely on the Internet for "sew" many things and of course to stay in touch.

    Would you all agree that at least quilting and related hobbies are stable - a good thing.

  4. Hope its better now Michele, have friend had same trouble with computer.
    Got flannel in washing machine dyeing it hope it turns out alright as i want to get this quilt done for Great Grandaughter and then send to Australia. I am busy quilting another but its no fancy job just straight lines even then have had trouble, just about ready to do the binding.No idea what i will do with the quilt know doubt will be given away to someone.
    No sign of sun yet hope it comes through the cloud soon.

  5. well what happened here i sent a message to you Michele to say friend has been having the same trouble, so you see messages go floating off some where as well,Pat


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