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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This, that and a bit of the other

Being creative helps us while away many an hour and when you live away from suppliers you learn to make do.  Well I’ve been making do.   You see I just love making the mini pillows that a small group of us have been exchanging and have decided to increase my own collection.  There is a piece of fabric that keeps calling to me , it is nothing like I would normally include in my stash, however it is there and it’s voice is louder than the others.  Somehow I wanted to include it with a mini sampler as a wee pillow.  All of the linen and other cross stitch fabrics I had just weren’t right so it was a 003 case of diving into my old art supplies and dyeing fabric for myself.
The first piece turned out a very soft teal and I think it’s going to work out nicely.  A mini isn’t going to take all of this piece of noisy fabric so another piece of stitching fabric needed to be dyed.004   This time I went for linen and chose a pale greyish blue.  After stashing away whites and cream for ages a whole new world has opened up for me –this dyeing stuff is fun!
Speaking of dyeing, I have a friend, Donna who owns The Woolpatch. She dyes beautiful pure NZ wool and recently I have acquired just 001 a little bit to use on needle cases.  Look at these beauties all lined up and ready to be stitched, yum, pure wool, nothing like it for appliqué.
But wait, there’s more… while taking a little break from patchwork I have dragged out the embroidery floss and finished some more mini’s.  002The three of them were so relaxing to do and not one is true to pattern.  I just can’t help myself and always end up changing or adding something.  Now, who can I send these to?
Have a great day one and all
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  1. Your mini pillows look sweet. That seashell fabric would be shouting at me too.

  2. Your mini pillows are just super - what a nice relaxing time you must have had making these.

    Great fabric dying to go with the seashell fabric. Looking forward to seeing what you do with these lovely fabrics.

  3. Don't they look lovely! You have certainly been busy.

  4. Your little pillows are so sweet! What with a broken computer & all, I should be getting some sewing done. I have been having Dr & Dentists to deal with. Poor Gom is not well, & I tend to be spending time with him. I had a whole day away last Sunday, am dying to blog about it, but using a laptop slows me right down!!

  5. So sweet, don't you just love mini things ...I seem to have gone way from large quilts and items lately ..and if any of those lovelies need a home..say no more
    Hugs Laurie

  6. Problem solved.. if they dont want to live at your place.. I sure have a nice little spot for anyone.. LOve them... they are soooo sweet.. especially the one with the alphabet... wowiiii ....o)


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