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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Visitors, Wildfoods and Cross Stitching

Today has been a great day where I caught up with a blogging friend in person, yeah! Darlene her DH (who is a whizz at computers and got mine sorted in no time – what a gem!)and friend came to visit on logowildfood their way home from the Hokitika Wild Foods Festival .  It was great catching up with her again but not long enough unfortunately.  This is the second time I have met Darlene here in Hoki, so I had better make sure that when DH is home we meet up on the other side of the island, and make sure Miss D is there too. We  missed you Deb – hugs.  I even forgot to ask Darlene which wild foods she tried and… I forgot to get the camera out – dim wit eh? Duh!

The Wildfoods Festival is held here every year and I guess is a celebration of all sorts of ‘bush tucker’. mountinoysters The whole town images1 becomes inundated with thousands of people.  I have heard that the town triples in size and every nook and cranny wildtucker in town gets filled up with campers as there is never a spare bed at any of the hotels,motels or holiday parks'.  People like Darlene and family often just come over for the day, however that’s a long drive at three hours each way.  From what I have heard the entertainment is fantastic and the centre of town becomes a precinct with market stalls in the main street and a variety of performers.

Now, getting on to why I gave this post it’s title.  Lately I have been really getting into little cross stitch projects and although I have Anchor and DMC stranded threads by the dozens I would like to try something new.  Can any of you suggest stranded threads that give a really nice finish and are available in New Zealand and if possible where in NZ I can get them?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. It sounds to me like you have never actually partaken of any of these wild foods, is this right? Not that I would want to try too many of them myself!

    We have the Wildfood Festival on our "Bucket List", for when we can undertake our long caravan road trip down south. Hurry up retirement.

  2. I know that I wouldnt try most of what they have, never been doesnt interest me, but for those who like that sort of thing,good for them.
    Picked up my fabric for the quilt weekend in Westport today. I also got flannel backing for G.Grandaughters quilt, so once i have done W.I. min. that will be my next job. if fine tomorrow will wash the flannel and will also make pumpkin soup for the freezer.
    Must get someone to bring me down one day soon Michele. all the best,Pat

  3. Mmm Pat's pumpkin soup sounds more like tucker I would like, than Huhu grubs!!
    Always nice to spend time with friends from near or far. I have a lovely friend who is going to fit the new motherboard into my computer! She is so clever!

  4. well handy friend you have Meggie. I made pumpkin soup for freezer and today made enough for evening meal. AND i finished a quilt so tomorrow will put great grandaughters together got all the pins ready to start might even get to start the quilting over the weekend.
    I look at all the cleaver people here who do cross stitch such beautiful work.
    I have only done sewing and knitting never done these other things.

  5. Hia have you tried Valdani threads -come on a reel thing like Perle 8 varigated tones and so smooth to work with.
    link to NZ store selling them

    There's nothing like having friends over to visit.

  6. Michele you must be busy stitching nothing here for awhile.I have finished a quilt and just about finished the flannel one for G.Grandaughter which will be getting posted off to Australia soon.
    Bit cold and wet today,friend said fresh snow on Alps,just cut up tomatoes etc and all in the pan ready to turn on tomorrow and make soup which will be going in the freezer.
    Happys Days,


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