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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Week That Was

Well, that has been one heck of a week here on the West Coast.  The changing temperatures of Autumn have had a number of us running from goosebumps to hot flushes and back again, then we have gone from fierce winds to still balmy days, from rain that hits the windows so hard you imagine yourself sleeping in a firing range to blazing sun.  I’m sure all of this is natures way of keeping us on our toes so I’ve done my best to oblige.
Early Monday I went into the garage, this is DH’s inner sanctum and while he is away I’ve had just a little mooch around.  10litres of satin finish white paint called out so did the same amount of ceiling white.  Well, they called so hard I just had to find paintbrushes and other necessary painting gear to make enough changes.  Three ceilings and one bathroom later the paint is spent and so am I.  So much white it’s dazzling!
Lauries mini In between painting a few little projects have been quietly stitched.  This little mini I made for a dear lady, Laurie who had previously commented on her like of the minis that myself and Deb, Darlene and Shiree had been swapping.  Now she has her own.  By the way Laurie I borrowed the photo off your blog as I forgot to take one – thanks.
The next wee project has been more cross010 stitch, this time it’s ‘Bird in Hand’ from Blackbird Designs .  It may only be 5 1/2” square but by crikey it takes some time to do.
As if I needed something else to keep me busy I was drawn to a stitch along – A Gardeners Journal.  Anni Downs stitchery quilt book had been long looked at and the incentive of stitching along with others was way to good a chance to miss.  Chookyblue, Peg and Dale sounded so convincing that this would be a fun way to get through each of the blocks that my willpower gave in and I signed up, now I just hope I can keep on top of it. Mind you, OPAM was supposed to get me into the finishing mode and here I am starting something new – well, if Peg and many others  can do it so can I.
Then… with the end of the financial year looming stock take needed to be done.  Now we are only a little shop and have been open nearly two years but gosh the stock has almost double in quantity.  Each piece needed to be measured then recorded and reboarded.  I’m very fortunate to have some great friends who spent at least six hours with me laughing, joking and measuring. We are about 2/3 of the way through then it’s onto all the notions – whew.  With a good supply of nibbles and plenty of coffee we kept high spirits and got to learn a lot more about each other. Blessed I think is how I should describe myself today as without the help from Liz, Kathy and Linda this job would have taken me for ever.
So there we have it, the week that was.  Nothing too exciting but lots happening, and Miss Deb, get well soon, mwah xx
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  1. A busy week as always for my dear.You never cease to amaze me. Thanks for the get well wishes.
    hugs Deb

  2. WOW Michele its know wonder nothing new here when you have been painting, AND nice to see your photo here as well. I agree with the weather so changeable not the best here today suppose its the same down your way. Been hunting the board for pattern of a sissor sock think i have found what i want.
    Just taken scones out the oven you wouldnt want them seeing you are being so good about your eating.
    Wish i was clever and could do all that cross stitch.
    Have a great day,

  3. if Peg can start another project so can we..........I am sure we will all get our quilts completed.......

  4. What a busy coaster you have been! Gosh it feels like ages since I've had a decent amount of PC time to catchup with you all. BIG HUGS to you Jxox


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