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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Counting the blessings or counting the age!

As each year goes by I count my blessings, today my blessings are family and friends. Like the Christmas just past I wasn’t looking forward to being alone today, it seems DH has been away for those days that we put in our memory banks and pull out at times when we are alone and smile to ourselves.  Birthdays are our special days and I knew that mine would have to be deferred until DH got back in June so I had planned the day to just go by as any other.
My birthday started yesterday at our quilting group where I was the recipient of the birthday blocks (I’ll show you those later once I’ve joined them altogether) followed by a chocolate, coffee cream cake that was huge – yummm, thank you girls I really appreciate the blocks and the cake.
So much for my  plans, 4.30a.m. (yep that early) my sister text a message of birthday wishes – she was on her way to work and didn’t want to miss the day altogether., bless her heart.  Then after a wee bit more sleep the phone started #1 daughter phoned from Wellington, bright and bubbly as usual and even singing the birthday song down the phone as she walked through Wellington City.  This was followed by #2 daughter arriving through the door with a lovely card and gift voucher for a local clothing store, yeah, shopping ahead. 001
Next was a friend, and soon to be next door neighbour Linda (who just by chance is a quilter too)  the picture here is the lid off a beautiful glass jar she gave me to put in the newly painted bathroom. I can see this full of rose smelling bath salts or little lavender bars of soap.
In between phone calls and visits I was bouncing back and forth to serve in the shop.  It’s been such a long time since I had, had this amount of activity at home that I really had forgotten how to do the balancing trick with customers and visitors. 
More visitors ,more calls and then the 008 postie arrived, look what came my way from East Timor, DH knows it’s either fabric or nice smellies that do the trick.  This time he out did himself as a wee while later a bouquet of lillies and roses arrived at the door.  This is soooo good, I love being spoilt tee hee. 
But wait there’s more.  darling Deb had sent 005 a parcel.  Now this I didn’t expect!  Our Deb has had a rough time with injuries and there is no way I expected her to have been sewing,  let alone for me.  Look what my friend sent me, a beautiful stitch009ery
cushion, not a mini, a full grown up one.  Thank you sweet, it means sooo much to me.  Not only is the stitching gorgeous but just look at the fabric , just too bootiful!  I love it!  Now with this was a sweet wee card010  and the sentiment enclosed was even sweeter, but look who I spied on the back of it  our very own011 Chookyblue.

Yeah another blogging friend.  So while all this was going on a police car arrived.  Oh dear I thought what has happened?  Nothing, smiles all around it was just a couple of DH colleagues come to wish me happy birthday.
What an awesome day.  In amongst all of this going on more phone calls, fantastic well wishing e-mails and I got to speak to DH.  What a day – yeah I’m blessed alright.
hugs to you allmy signature


  1. Happy birthday to you....
    Happy birthday to you....
    Happy birthday dear Miche'leeeeeeeeeee
    Happy birthday to you.

    See I didn't miss it (It is still before the end of your special day)

  2. Happy Birthday Miche'le. Sounds like you had a busy day.

  3. Happy birthday, Miche'le! BTW, age is just a number...:) Have a blessed Easter too!

  4. Hi sweet, so pleased you had a fabulous day. And how wonderful tha you heard from the boy-twice. You will need to rest and relax today to get over the day.
    big hugs Deb

  5. Happy Birthday Michelle. It sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  6. Happy Birthday Michele doesnt matter if i am late makes the day last longer. What lovely gifts you got, Hugs

  7. Hope you had a fantastic day yesterday, sounds like it was the best and busiest!!
    Totally spoilt, it's the only way to go!
    Carole :)

  8. Happy belated birthday..........lovely gift by Deb..........and I just never know where my cards may turn pleased you liked it.......

  9. Happiest of Birthdays to you my new friend! May your next trip around the sun be filled with everything happy and fun!
    hugs and friends,

  10. Hi Miche'le
    Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY...we celebrate together mine is 3rd also had a wonderful day / weekend way camping with DD and so great as you get older you have more family to remember your special day, I think the grandkids enjoy it most of all..We are so blessed.. hugs Laurie

  11. I'm so behind the 8-ball. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday Miche'le and even more so being able to speak to your DH. Glad you had such a happy day, and received such gorgeous treats. Hugs Jx


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