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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Abaracadabara – it’s gone!

I don’t know if I’m quite the queen of UFO’s but I’m certainly one of the princess’s so when the chance to join the ‘Stitch-a-long’ came up I knew that I would have to complete the stitchery quilt A Gardeners Journal for fear of the shame of yet another UFO.  So armed with my fabric, pattern, light box and blue pen (you know, the wash out kind) I promptly traced off each picture.  Having them all drawn up gave me the freedom to take to stitching anytime.
This afternoon after recovering from looking after our 20 month Grand-daughter for the morning I settled down in front of a movie ready to stitch.  Now you need to understand that we live on a coast that has (most of the time)the awful reputation of being very wet. So when I picked up my pre drawn, pre lined and pre cut fabrics to start stitching imagine my horror to find that the wash away blue pen had just simply vanished off the fabric. Needless to say this afternoon was spent redrawing up just two blocks (in a brown pigma pen) and tonight I am jolly well going to sit up until they are done.
Anybody else ever had this frustrating problem?
Gotta go, stitching to be done
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  1. It has happened to me in Brisbane, Miche'le - i's very hot and humid there at times. You are a determined little Chick, good on you!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. I know where you are coming from on this one, there is nothing like spending the evening drawing up your next stitchery to take to work the next day and when you take it out of your bag at lunchtime, you are left with only the opportunity to be creative

  3. oh yeh that has happened to me too, but only once. I copied out whatever I was doing at the time, already for a long haul flight, only to discover once on board, that everything had disappearded, couldn't re-do it as I didn't have the necessaries in my hand luggage!!

  4. Rather a minities moment isn't it. Were choice words spoken cause I know they get spoken when it happens here?
    hugs Deb

  5. Michelle i stopped useing those pens years ago when i read in a USA quilt magazine that some times the blue can come back in your quilt,so i threw the pen in the fire.Since then i have used chalk or pencil on quilt and the pigma pen on the work i am doing as its black cotton. I bet you were mad just awful to sit down to work and nothing there.

  6. living where i live it is pretty darn dry and I have never had this happen until about a month was rainy at the time.......but I traced some this week when it was raining and put them away and all was well...........who knows random i guess......such a waste of time for you though......

  7. hi miche'le, i've done that too, very annoying. It's even more annoying if you forget and press with the iron because then they don't dissappear!! i don't use them much now just pigma or pencil. sue

  8. It is very humid here on the Central Coast of NSW. I have had this same problem, & cursed the climate. I had to keep redrawing stars for a friend's quilt, as I tried to keep the quilting lines to guide me. SOOO frustrating!
    I do sympathise with you.XX

  9. I don't know if they have changed the recipe of the blue pens but just in a class a friend was having the blue fade away within an hour of drawing so she was cross. So silly!

    Good luck with the quilt it is ia lovely one.


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