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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Over the hills and far away

Yeah, my man is home and after a couple of days settling back into 'normal' life ( well, two days or so should be enough *wink*),I couldn't wait to take him and his piece of plastic shopping.  So, with the dogs deposited at our daughters place we headed off over the tail end of the Alps.002
You know we live in one of the most beautiful countries and during winter the snow just puts the icing on top.003

After a brief stop with family we finally made it to the motel and began writing our plan of attack for a day or so of retail therapy.  Here you need to realise that I have a very organised, but obliging husband, so a list was made.
The following morning after a hearty breakfast the 'sat nav' was loaded with the address of an embroidery shop I just HAD to visit.  DH, armed with his newspaper sat in the car and allowed myself and the card loose in the shop (what a sweetie).  So, here is just a wee peek at future projects, what I 026haven't included is the web order of an awful lot of floss that I sent ahead. 
 Well, a girl has to be well stocked doesn't she?
Next on the sat nav was a quick trip to get a variety of cording and ribbons027 . I just love using velvet ribbon for finishing mini pillows and pin cushions and really struggle to find any on our side of the country.
A few other places were visited mostly so that DH could get some essential 'stuff' that only DH knows why is essential.
Next is a really special bit, but as I've rabbited on long enough I'll save that for the next post,  in the meantime here's another pic of the icing on the cake
004 enjoy.
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  1. What a happy little shopper you are - with all your lovely purchases.
    Great photos of the mountains - just a little chilly perhaps? Just the sort weather to cuddle up with your DH!

  2. I know you said you had taken some photos on the way over hun but those are beautiful. Absolutely stunning, as you say we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country. Love the look of all of your purchases and can't wait to see more of them. Must store the little tidbit about your liking the velvety ribbons etc and if I ever see anything around that I think is a must have for a girl, I will send it over.
    hugs Deb

  3. Perfect pictures...looking forward to seing some of the same in October... so don't let it go away to fast.
    What a great day..DH and plastic what else could you want.
    hugs Laurie

  4. What beautiful scenery and what fun shopping!!!!

  5. Now that is my sort of a shopping trip! I'd've packed skis too. Oooo wonderful mountains!


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