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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

By Hoki


Dawn over a ‘As Sweet As Cinnamon’ has asked the question – how did you get the name for your blogspot and that got me thinking, yep a number of people have asked me a similar question… how did you get the name of your shop, By Hoki Quilts?

My shop and blogspot both have the same name, mostly because as a new shop I just didn’t have the funds to start a website but wanted to get our name ‘out there’.  I didn’t realise at the time that blogging would become such a part of my life and I totally underestimated the number of friends I would make, some of whom I have been fortunate to meet and some who are now very close friends that I really enjoy spending time with.  But back to the question.

By Hoki is an exclamation really, if I was living in Australia I think the closest would be By Crikey!   Plus… Our shop is 6km north of our local town, Hokitika, fondly know as ‘Hoki’. So, taking the exclamation and adding it to the fact that we are BY Hoki the name seemed fairly obvious throw in the word quilts and ta daa, By Hoki Quilts was born, blog and shop.

business card

So there you have it, how did you get your blog name?

have a good day

a name Miche'le


  1. Hi Miche'le, I wrote apost about my crazy url blogname here:
    It is different from my blogname, The Hectic Eclectic, because that one was gone. But it suots me - I am always rushing around doing too many different things! LOL!

  2. Love it... fab name...thanks for sharing too.
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  3. Love it Miche'le, it's just perfick :o).
    Joy :o)

  4. My blog name "A Little of This and a Little of Pat" was an obvious choice for me since I knew I'd blog about many know....a little of this and a little of since Pat and That rhyme, I just thought the title sounded cute!

  5. Perfect!
    I wanted my blog to feel cosy as if we were sat down having a chat and a cuppa, hence the name Houseelf. Since then though I've gadded off all over the place, so it didn't quite work out. LOL

  6. I like the name! And your blog :>)

  7. Pretty clever!! I look forward to scrolling through your archived posts and 'getting to know you better'. ~karen

  8. Love the name and I will be back as soon as I visit the rest of the blogs on the list.
    Hokitika is a lovely name for a town too.

  9. Hi Miche'le, I wish I had your energy to do all the stitching you do, it's beautiful. My blog name is named after the area where we live also. ' Anawhata'. When I began my blog I asked my son what he thought I should call it and as he is a bit of a muscian and plays the electric guitar and loves the song 'sweet home alabama' and when the guys all get together and have a jam session they actually sing this song and change the words to 'sweet home anawhata'....that's how I picked my name. sue~n.z.

  10. I think you chose a great name... for your shop and your blog.


Thankyou so much for popping by and leaving a comment. I enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas and will get back to you if needed, hugs - Miche'le

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